Safe and fast Internet: here’s how to manage wireless networks on Mac

The Apple device saves by default the connections we connect to, but to increase security and signal quality it's better to make some changes

Connecting to the wrong Wi-Fi network, as we have already pointed out, can be quite dangerous. Macs automatically save wireless networks and connect without informing us. This can be a convenience but also a problem. Let's see how to manage connections on your Apple device.

Every time we connect to a new network, the Mac asks us to defualt if we want to save that connection. If this option is convenient at home, at work or at friends' houses, it can be quite dangerous if we are traveling. The first advice, therefore, is to always uncheck the option "Remember this network" when you connect for the first time. Obviously avoiding to do it for those connections where we are sure that there are no dangers. Also, always remember that open wireless networks are not safe.

Hackers and open networks

Hackers exploit a lot unsecured wireless networks to infiltrate users' devices. To avoid becoming a sacrificial victim, we should never save the passwords of Wi-FI networks in bars, restaurants and stores.

How to remove a network

What if one day we accidentally, or carelessly, saved an open network? No problem, we can delete it in a few steps. Let's go to the wireless icon on the menu and then click on the "Open Network Preferences" item. At this point we choose the wording "Advanced" in this way a page will show us all the connections that the Mac has saved since we use it. The open networks are usually remembered with the wording Linksys, at this point we select with the left mouse button or touchpad the name of the network that we want to remove and click on the button with a minus sign that will appear. Much simpler is instead to disconnect. To do this, just right-click on the wireless icon and in the pop-up menu choose Options first and then Disconnect from, and choose the name of the network from which to disconnect.

Manage Preferred Networks

Let's say that for work or simple lifestyle we move a lot during the day, always with the Mac with us. In this case it will be essential to manage the preferred connections. To avoid problems for security and above all always have a good quality of navigation. It should be remembered in fact that the Apple device does not save connections in terms of signal strength but in chronological order. That is, if it "sees" the weakest connection first, it tries to connect to it. However, we can change this order manually. To do so is very simple, go to the list of networks present and drag with the mouse or touchpad on top of the others the name of the connection that we prefer.