Samsung 2022: when the most anticipated products arrive

An internal roadmap leaked from the corridors tells us when Samsung will start producing its upcoming 2022 models of tablets, smartwatches, laptops and wireless headphones

It will be a year full of news the 2022 of Samsung, with a long list of products coming but, unfortunately, with the now chronic chip crisis to put a spoke in the wheels. The Korean giant, therefore, will have to choose on what to focus the production between the range of tablets Galaxy Tab, the headphones Galaxy Buds and the smartwatch Galaxy Watch.

The launch of the new top of the range smartphone Samsung Galaxy S22, which should arrive in early January, is not under discussion, while it is still a mystery the exact date of the launch (apparently only in Europe) of Galaxy S21 FE. From South Korea, to be precise from the well-known online newspaper of the electronics industry The Elec, leaks a list of upcoming Samsung products: it is, most likely, material internal to Samsung that some employee (careless or complicit) has let slip. There are, in fact, not only the launch dates of the products, but even the estimated production for each of them. The data concerns tablets, laptops, smartwatches and wireless headphones that Samsung will launch throughout 2022.

Samsung 2022: we start with tablets

According to the leaked documents, the first products that Samsung will launch in 2022, to be precise between the first and second quarter, are the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablets. That is, the new ultra-high range, the one that will compete directly with Apple iPad Pro.

Of these tablets, however, Samsung plans to produce a few in total: 2.5 million pieces. These will be joined by the Galaxy Tab S8 Lite, for another 1.6 million units, but not until the second half of 2022. Throughout the course of next year, however, Samsung will produce and sell plenty (11 million units, for each of the two models) of both the Galaxy Tab A8 and the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (both budget Android tablet models).

Samsung 2022: the laptops

To see Samsung's new Galaxy Book2 Pro, Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book2 Pro 5G laptops, however, we'll have to wait until at least the middle of 2022. Samsung will produce few of them: a total of 2 million. More optimistic, however, is the estimate on production and sales of future Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go: as many as 1.4 million pieces.

Samsung 2022: smartwatches

After the success, deserved, of Samsung Galaxy Watch4, in 2022 the antennas will be all pointed to the next smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch5. A model that Samsung expects to be successful, so much so that it will produce 4.8 million pieces out of a total of 19 million smartwatches planned for next year.

As is logical to expect, given that the current Galaxy Watch was presented in August 2021, for the 5 we will have to wait until the second half of 2022.

Samsung 2022: the wireless headphones

Those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Galaxy Buds Pro2 and Galaxy Buds Live2 will have to wait: the former will go into production no earlier than spring 2022, the latter in midsummer.

According to Samsung, however, they will sell very well: the expected production is over 3 million pieces for each of the two models, out of a total of about 23 million wireless headphones that Samsung plans to produce and sell in 2022.