Samsung announces the most powerful Galaxy ever

Samsung surprises everyone and announces a new online event to present a product from the Galaxy series: but no one knows which one yet.

Samsung is ready to present the most powerful Galaxy ever. To do so, the Seoul-based company has launched a press release regarding the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked to be held next April 28. The only detail: it didn't want to reveal which device will be the protagonist of the event, leaving experts and fans in mystery.

For the Korean giant this is not the first event of the year but, rather, the fourth since last January. One after another, the unpacked have allowed to see in more detail the many devices finished on the market in recent months, from smartphones to earbuds, before buying. Now, however, Samsung wanted to take it a step further.

What will be the most powerful Galaxy ever?

Samsung has already unveiled several smartphone models since the beginning of 2021, thus replenishing the list of devices in production. With the launch of the new S21 series, then, we thought we had already seen everything - or almost - in terms of power at least until next year.

Accordingly, however, in April 2021 there was one more element that, at least until now, has not yet made its debut: the update of the foldable model. The time, then, might be ripe for the new foldable model, Z Flip 2 or Z Fold 3, though expected in the latter part of 2021. And, given the launch prices of the past versions, thinking about a more powerful version than ever is not entirely impossible, despite the complexities strictly related to the particular form factor.

What if the most powerful Galaxy ever was Samsung's new laptop? Again, the clues could coincide. In fact, the anticipation around the first laptop equipped with the proprietary Exynos ARM processor has been the focus of many rumors that would have it on the market soon. Among other features, speculated by the site ZDNet Korea, there would be an AMD GPU and Windows 10 as the operating system present at the time of purchase.

Samsung, date and time of the event

As already anticipated, the presentation event of Samsung will be held next April 28 at 10 am local time (19 here in Italy). To follow it, it will be enough to connect to the official website of the company and find out, finally, what will be the surprise that reserves us once again the Korean company.