Samsung DeX, the base that turns the Galaxy S8 into a pc

Samsung has made DeX, a base to connect the Galaxy S8 with your computer's screen, keyboard and mouse and use it as if it were a notebook

The history of hybrid accessories for connections between desktop computers and smartphones is littered with unsuccessful attempts. From the Microsoft Lumia 950 to the Motorola Atrix. Samsung, however, with Galaxy S8 wants to succeed in every field and that's why it presented DeX, the base that transforms S8 into a PC.

Everything comes from the characteristics of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. The smartphone has on board, in fact, the Exynos 8895 top processor in terms of quality and power, very similar to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835. For this reason, the South Korean giant has thought to equip its new product also with an accessory that will allow you to easily connect it to a desktop, to take full advantage of all the specifications of the phone. Without forgetting that this system will enhance the various functions for virtual reality included within the smartphone. So let's see how it works and what Samsung DeX can be used for.

How Samsung DeX works

Looking at it from the outside, Samsung DeXx looks like a common Bluetooth speaker, a little bigger than a field hockey puck. In reality, though, you just snap the top to open the base and connect your smartphone. The base has two USB ports, an HDMI slot, an Ethernet jack, and a USB Type-C socket for charging. Thanks to DeX we can connect the Galaxy S8 simultaneously to a screen, a wireless keyboard and a mouse. This system is designed for any kind of work, long duration or even to perform difficult tasks to accomplish with the smaller screen of the phone. No worries about overheating. The bottom of the Dex is a cooling system with a large fan. To make it familiar to use on larger screens as well Samsung customized the Android Nougat GUI found on the Galaxy S8. Giving a touch of familiarity with a look reminiscent of Windows. For example, in the base left there is the "all applications" menu that is quite reminiscent of that present on Microsoft operating systems. As well as the bottom bar that you can use for the various shortcuts, connections and to monitor the remaining battery level. And in this space we'll also be able to add our favorite applications. In an identical way to Windows 10.

How to use Samsung DeX

Thanks Samsung DeX we can work on multiple windows at the same time, although opening several heavy apps at the same time the system will start to run slower and slower. But as mentioned the Exynos processor mounted on Galaxy S8 will allow you to perform many tasks at once. In the tests carried out, the speed did not slow down while simultaneously using a Word sheet and playing a YouTube video. Same with a Chrome page and a Word document. At the moment Samsung has announced that it is also working with Microsoft to receive customizations on various basic applications, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The success of Samsung Dex, given the previous failures of other companies in this field, is still all to be assessed. Meanwhile, there is still no news about its cost and release date. Nor is it clear with which devices and applications in general it will be compatible.