Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go review, durable build, battery competition

For the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go review we initially had to sweep under the rug our prejudices about ChromeOS, only to find out they were unwarranted.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is also on the Italian market at an extremely competitive price and until December 20 is given as a gift to those who buy a Galaxy S21, a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or a Galaxy Z Flip 3.

This is a unique opportunity to start using the eco system of Samsung with a truly exceptional economic condition. Of course, if you already own a smartphone from Samsung, you can always choose to buy independently the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, which is presented at the very competitive price of € 299.

The distinguishing features of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go

The first detail to point out that concerns Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go and its resistance, because this computer enjoys a military certification MIL-STD-810G, which translates into its ability to resist shocks, but also to water splashes, even if they come directly on the keyboard.

You should not, however, imagine a device with military standards of resistance as some kind of particularly ungainly tank, because in reality the exterior is particularly elegant with square profiles and a particularly nice minimalist look.

The porter equipment is in line with what computers in the same category usually offer nowadays, with two USB C ports, one USB A port,  the 3.5 mm headphone connector and the MicroSD memory expansion slot.

You have to pay particular attention to the detail of the micro SD card, because you should always put in a recent product of excellent quality, capable of supporting high-speed data transfer. This is important because the use of a poor quality card affects the performance of the computer.

The technical details of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go

Let's get into the technical details of the computer Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, which starts with a 14-inch display with HD resolution, with a discreet brightness of 220 nits.

The keyboard offers keys with very comfortable space, as well as having a very pleasant stroke to exploit even when you have to type for a long time. There is also a very generous touch pad on the front of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go computer, with a click that has a very long stroke.

There are no biometric solutions for authentication such as fingerprint sensors or infrared readers for face unlocking, but for the price range at which this computer is sold should not be considered a lack.

The processor is an Intel Celeron N4500, with a maximum speed of 1.1 ghz, which is combined with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. Depending on how you want to use this computer, the memory available may be sufficient even without expansion.

The battery can last up to 12 hours on a single charge, but if you run the computer at full power for a long period of time you'll get around eight hours of battery life.

The included charger, as well as serving to quickly give new autonomy, can also be used to charge other products of the eco system Galaxy, from smartphones to earphones.

To Chromebook or not to Chromebook?

We've told you in recent days how the world of Chromebook computers is often surrounded by some form of skepticism, but in reality the ease of use and immediacy of these devices represent a strong point especially for those who want an experience similar to what you do with an Android smartphone, especially with those of Samsung.

Obviously, for some professional applications, for the use of some custom solutions in the Windows world, this can be a somewhat limited resource, but for typical use in a school environment or for everyday household needs, this is a solution with a very good value for money.

In addition, in case you combine it with a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy series you can also take advantage of simplified connectivity solutions, so when there is no Wi-Fi you can take advantage of the cellular network simply with a Click.

About Wi-Fi connection, it should be noted that Galaxy Chromebook Go takes advantage of wifi 6, more efficient and more powerful, for optimal operation even in crowded places, with numerous connections or high data traffic.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go review, with ChromeOS

To summarize the review of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go we can undoubtedly say that this is not the computer suitable for particularly sophisticated calculations, or for use in areas where you have to do important graphic work, both photos and videos.

For those who instead are looking for a solution with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, especially for school, home, or ordinary professional activities, we can certainly lo  a very efficient solution.

Until December 20, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go will be a gift for those who buy Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.