Samsung Galaxy M22: here’s the European price of the new mid-range smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M22 ever closer to launch: after the approval of the body for Bluetooth, the European price of the Korean mid-range smartphone has been revealed

High-end smartphones are the most fascinating products, the ones that capture the most attention and the ones with which manufacturers budget the most revenue. However, it is with mid-range and low-end products that companies compete for supremacy, despite low profit margins.

Being present in every bracket, selling many products allows manufacturers to have a significant user base, to retain fans and hope that maybe one day the customer of a mid-range product will buy a high-end one. Counts to snatch many customers to the competition Samsung through the Galaxy M22, smartphone mid-range precisely that should debut in the coming weeks. That the presentation is a matter of little suggests not so much the amount of rumors on his account, which in fact are not many, as the facts that the first certifications have gone through and that we start talking about price in a way already quite serious.

Samsung Galaxy M22 price in Europe

Last month Samsung Galaxy M22 was certified by the Bluetooth SIG, a step that usually takes place not too long before the presentation. However, the body didn't reveal much about the next Korean mid-range device, except that the smartphone will support Bluetooth version 5.0, like many others.

Despite the lack of other information and clues from Samsung confirming the imminent release of Galaxy M22, a distributor has obtained information about the price of Galaxy M22 in Europe then passed to the press.

Samsung Galaxy M22 in configuration with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory should cost 239.90 euros including taxes. It's hard to determine if the screenshot ended up on Twitter is real, but at a closer look the possible price of Galaxy M22 seems consistent with the market range and with the average demands of Samsung for products of this type.

The possible Italian price of Samsung Galaxy M22

It is precisely on the subject of taxes that the game of cost per cent should be played on each market where it will be proposed. In Italy, for example, taxation is higher than the average of European nations, so, if the rumor were true, we should still expect a list price even slightly higher than the approximately 240 euros of which it speaks.

Another aspect that would confirm the validity of the "tip" is the price of Samsung Galaxy A22, perfectly in line with that anticipated by rumors on the account of Galaxy M22. Moreover, the first costs about 250 euros in Italy, the same price that would be expected in our country including VAT for Galaxy M22.