Samsung Galaxy Note is really dead

It seems that there is no hope to see again a Samsung Galaxy Note on the market: a report from Korea explains why

According to an indiscretion spread by the Korean portal ETNews, among the plans of Samsung for 2022 there would be no new generation of the Galaxy Note series. Definitely fade, therefore, the hopes of fans of the series, despite the reassurances arrived until a few months ago, according to which the project of a new Note was in the pipeline.

Aside the fact that the indiscretion may be accurate or not, fans of smartphones with the stylus would do well to put a stone on the hopes of getting their hands on a new Galaxy Note. Samsung's decision may disappoint some, but it may not come as a surprise. The company has been introducing Galaxy Note S Pen support on Galaxy S family smartphones for some time now, and moreover recently did the same with the foldable Galaxy Z Fold3. Instead of hoping for a new Galaxy Note with the possibility, at this point very high, to be disappointed, better get used to the idea that the stylus is "reincarnated" in other Galaxy.

No Galaxy Note will arrive

The indiscretion of the Korean portal stems from the fact that industry sources have reported the stop production and sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The two date back more than a year ago, so the stop to products no longer very fresh does not surprise much, but the source added that if the company had planned to produce over 3 million Galaxy Note, for next year this number is zero. Translated: no Galaxy Note will be produced in 2022, so a new generation will not arrive.

According to the same sources, the basis of Samsung's choice would be the consideration that foldables are in great growth in terms of sales, and the production numbers previously allocated to the Galaxy Note would now be allocated to the foldable Galaxy Z Fold, which in fact have taken (in part) and will take the place of the glorious series of smartphones with the stylus.

The foldables have "stolen" the place of the Notes

The consideration spread by the source is supported by the numbers: in 2019 Samsung would have shipped to retailers 12.7 million Galaxy Notes, dropped to 9.7 million in 2020, while the target set for the Galaxy Z range in 2022 is 13 million, that is the production volume that until a few years ago was of the Galaxy Notes. Moreover, the time window for the launch of foldable smartphones - August - has so far and will continue to take the place of that of the Galaxy Notes.

Seeing it in this light, the choice to make the S Pen compatible with the foldables to dispense with the Galaxy Notes is painful but understandable. Samsung - rumor has it - will try to make it up to you by introducing on the Galaxy S22 Ultra an internal slot in which to store the S Pen when not in use, thus reprising one of the distinctive elements of the Galaxy Notes.