Samsung Galaxy S will become Galaxy Note: stylus for all

There's some sweetness in the rumor that arrived in recent hours: Samsung is planning to merge the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series, which means S Pen for all

For several years, the Samsung Galaxy Note range has been the only option for professionals or creatives who have wanted a smartphone with a stylus. A legacy of the handhelds that Samsung has resurrected in October 2011 with the first Galaxy Note, and then became indispensable for thousands of fans around the world.

With the Galaxy Note in short Samsung has earned over the years thousands - if not millions - of customers, and therefore owes much of its fortune to the series of smartphones with the S Pen. However, this year the company decided not to present a new generation, putting the Galaxy Note range on hiatus. The company tried to make up for it by equipping the Galaxy S21 Ultra first and the foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 later with S Pen support, but early customers reacted timidly. Now, according to an indiscretion, the latter would do well to prepare for what now seems inevitable.

Samsung merges Galaxy S and Galaxy Note

It is worth specifying that this is a rumor, so information that should be treated as an indiscretion, although the source, in general, is reliable. To launch what if it became concrete would be a real bombshell is the informant Ice Universe, who through his Twitter account has let know of an intention on the part of Samsung that would mark a point of detachment from the past.

According to information obtained by Ice Universe, in fact, the experience of the Galaxy Note series would be at the end of the line. The "train", however, would restart immediately, because it would be among the intentions of Samsung to merge the typical smartphones of the Galaxy Note range within the Galaxy S range. Ice Universe has not provided information on any changes to the trade name of the next smartphones, if there is a possibility that it changes completely or if the term "Note" can be trivially transferred in the nomenclature Galaxy S.

In short, at the moment all scenarios seem open and all hypotheses equally valid, but what seems more certain is the fact that Samsung wants to give up one of the two lines - Galaxy S or, more likely Galaxy Note - to make room for foldable, which according to the company of Seoul represent the future. And in Samsung have shown concretely recently, adjusting down the list prices of Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3.

Internal housing for S Pen coming

The only additional information shared by Ice Universe is the presence of a special housing inside the phone to store the S Pen, the "nib" so loved by those who own or have owned a Samsung Galaxy Note.

The lack of a recess in which to store the nib when not in use, i.e. most of the time, is the main problem that has emerged from those who bought a Galaxy S21 Ultra or a Galaxy Z Flip3 to replace a Galaxy Note: both support the S Pen, but both do not have a slot in which to store it.

Samsung has tried to put a patch by making a cover that can hold the S Pen, but it is little more than a content for historical customers of the Note range who would have preferred a more convenient solution as provided, in fact, on all Galaxy Note.