Samsung Galaxy S21 will be able to use the S Pen: goodbye Note

Continue to arrive new rumors about the next top of the range Samsung Galaxy S21 that, apparently, will have one more feature than in the past

Samsung Galaxy S21 will support the S Pen: this is the latest rumor in order of time on the new phone of the manufacturer that should make its official debut on the market next January 29, 2021. A particularly welcome decision, this, which will allow you to take advantage of the stylus of the Note series.

To launch on the network the recent advances on the next device from Samsung was WinFuture, German site that already in the past has managed to beat his competitors with interesting leaks proved, subsequently, correct and well-founded. In addition to the tasty information on the Samsung Galaxy S21 for handwriting on the screen, the site has also revealed important details about the possible configurations that will be available on the market starting next year, specific to Germany but that could also be used in other markets outside the national borders.

Samsung Galaxy S21, how it will work the support for the S Pen

For WinFuture there is no doubt: it will be only the Galaxy S21 Ultra the model that can support the S Pen, although under some conditions. Unlike what happened previously with the Galaxy Note series, those who are not in possession of the S Pen will certainly not be able to count on its presence in the package of the new smartphone from Samsung but will have to make a separate purchase.

In fact, not only will not be included in the free stylus Galaxy S21 but, to avoid running risks, but the phone will not even count on the dock that had characterized the Note series. To store it between one use and another, away from any risk of breakage or loss, better to equip themselves with a silicone cover or transparent.

Samsung Galaxy S21, how will be the configurations

According to anticipations revealed by WinFuture, in all likelihood Samsung Galaxy S21 will be available almost everywhere in the configuration that provides 5G connectivity. The previous 4G protocol, according to the site, should be dedicated exclusively to countries where that of smartphones is still an emerging market, such as Brazil.

In addition, the new smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer should be able to count, both in the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus version, on two cuts of internal memory 128GB and 256GB. On the other hand, the size of the internal storage should be larger for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which adds to the two previous sizes also the 512GB one.

The last indiscretion is the one related to the colors. Per WinFuture, the variants available for the Galaxy S21 will be four in total: white, gray, pink and purple. Only three, however, will be the colors available for the Galaxy S21 Plus: black, silver and purple. Only black and silver, however, will be the alternatives for those who want to choose the model S21 Ultra.

What will happen to the Galaxy Note?

At this point it is obvious to wonder what will happen to the Samsung Galaxy Note since its main feature, namely the stylus, will be brought to the Galaxy S21. There has long been talk of a farewell to the Note series which, indeed, is now very little different from the regular Galaxy S. While once the Notes were the "big" smartphones, now have become huge even the traditional Galaxy and the only real difference is the stylus: absent on the Galaxy S, present on the Note.

Among the possibilities that Samsung seems willing to experiment is to transform the Note into a foldable device, a large foldable smartphone with stylus. But it won't be easy to combine the inherent delicacy of a foldable screen with use via the S Pen.