Samsung Galaxy S22, first online tests: it’s powerful

Samsung Galaxy S22 has taken a first spin on Geekbench: Samsung used a ploy not to reveal the cards, but there are confirmations for the graphics section

Despite the uninspiring sales of the current Galaxy S21, Samsung's top of the line products remain among the most interesting and expected products of the year tech 2021, and it could not be otherwise since the Seoul-based manufacturer is one of those who constantly pushes on the pedal of innovation.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 are already among the most anticipated products of 2022, and this is evidenced by the rumors that accompany the next generation since the launch of the current one. So even a small curiosity as a raid on Geekbench (one of the most famous portals to measure the performance of smartphones) of what should be a Galaxy S22, or at least a prototype of the next top, becomes news of interest to many. Geekbench, one of the most used benchmark sites in the world, subjects smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other technological gadget for which the application has been developed to a series of tests aimed at putting it under stress, so as to assign a number to its performance that can be compared with the results of others.

Galaxy S22: the chip with desktop graphics

Unfortunately, Geekbench keeps track not only of the score, but also of some technical and software specifications of the products that perform a test. Just over a day ago, the platform recorded the passing of a Samsung SM-S906B, which is thought to be the model number of the Galaxy S22.

The benchmarks of one of the Galaxy S22s are of particular interest to the tech enthusiast community because they seem to confirm the possibility that Samsung is including for the first time on a Galaxy S a processor, the Exynos 2200, equipped with a graphics section (GPU) developed in collaboration with AMD, one of the most prestigious names in terms of graphics cards in the entire technological landscape, with the same RDNA2 architecture that is used for the GPUs - far more powerful - of consoles and computers.

Amongst the specifications published by Geekbench, in fact, we can clearly read that an AMD graphics driver was loaded to perform the test. If it's not an official confirmation, then it's a close call: Exynos 2200 will have high-level graphics performance.

Galaxy S22: performance

So fans are very curious to find out the performance of the next top of the range Samsung especially of its GPU, which on paper promises to make sparks. The problem, if you want to call it that, is that Samsung has used a little ploy to not reveal the cards prematurely: the test was performed in power-saving mode, which reduces performance to the benefit of consumption.

In power-saving mode, then, the alleged Galaxy S22 has not been able to show off all that it is able to express by virtue of a hardware of the first level, but nevertheless showed good performance.

What will be the chip of Galaxy S22

It should also be said, however, that as every year Samsung should use two different chips for Galaxy S22, depending on the sales markets: the Snapdragon 898 from Qualcomm and the Exynos 2200 developed in house. The latter, the one tested on Geekbench, will have an octa core configuration with a high-power core, 3 cores for medium loads and 4 low-power cores from.

No official information, however, on the GPU but after this test we know that it will be made in AMD. Mobile gaming enthusiasts are already dreaming.