Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, how it will be the camera

New rumors tell us about the design of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra along with the specifications of the cameras, which will not protrude much more

The rumors about Samsung's Galaxy S22 range do not stop, on the contrary. In all likelihood, information, assumptions and eventualities will accompany the three Korean top of the range until the day of the launch, which, in view of the announcement (postponed several times) of Galaxy S21 FE, should take place in February.

Galaxy S21 FE in January, Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra in February: these are the predictions of the rumors. And there are many predictions on the three that in recent hours have had a peak, to the point that they have allowed designers who closely follow the evolution of the top of the range Samsung to make render images quite detailed on the appearance they could have. The Galaxy S22 could then take concrete distance from the design that has characterized the series so far to get closer to the typical features of the Galaxy Note line, a feeling enhanced by the presence of the S Pen on Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The new design of the camera group

To particularly strike is the arrangement of the rear cameras, quite different from that of the last three generations of Galaxy S smartphones. It now seems clear that Samsung will adopt a vertical alignment of the three main sensors to which will be flanked by two other smaller ones along with the LED flash.

The best part of the anticipations of the last hours on the Samsung Galaxy S22 concerns the protrusion of the cameras from the rear surface: it should be minimized, with the sensors that almost do not protrude from the body, which is a panacea compared to the exaggerations of recent times in which both Galaxy S21 Ultra but also the competition (see iPhone 13 Pro Max) have a camera group significantly in relief.

The specifications of the camera of S22 Ultra

In line with high expectations instead the technical equipment of the cameras suggested by the punctual informant Ice Universe. According to the information gathered, Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a four-element rear group. The spearhead will be the main camera, consisting of a sensor always 108 megapixels but abundantly revised compared to that of the current top of the range.

It should be the third generation of Isocell produced by Samsung itself, with a sensor with aperture f/1.8 and field of view of 85 degrees. Do not worry about Samsung's decision to keep the number of megapixels on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, because the landscape is full of examples where products with many megapixels do not make better photos than others that have less.

The second camera expected on Galaxy S22 Ultra seems that it may be the same ultra wide of the current S21 Ultra, then a 12-megapixel sensor made by Sony dcon aperture f2.2 and field of view of 120 degrees. The remaining two would be optical zoom lenses. Both sensors would be 10-megapixel, manufactured by Sony and would be new compared to those of Galaxy S21 Ultra: one would realize an optical zoom 3x, the other even 10x.

All cameras, including ultra-wide, would be equipped with optical image stabilization, while the front one for selfies will be 40 MP.