Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be extraordinary, even in price

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an incredible display and other features that will make it extraordinary, but the price will surprise you

Although the anticipations on the availability of the next top of Samsung range are certainly not reassuring, in recent hours the rumors have reported others on the most valuable variant of the next generation, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which instead bode well in terms of value for money.

Although talking about price in relation to absolute top of the range from over 1,000 euros in a certain sense leaves a bit 'time to find, the game "psychological" with the most accredited rivals as the future Xiaomi 12 Ultra and the recent iPhone 13 Pro Max can also pass by the price. After all, if Galaxy S21 has not sold as Samsung hoped and today is at a steep discount, there will be a reason. It's not easy for manufacturers to design products that are more powerful, beautiful and efficient - in a word better - than the competition and that also cost less, but with Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung certainly wants to succeed by offering a "mix" better than the competition at the same or lower cost. Here's the latest on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, what it will look like

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the brightest display ever used on a smartphone: according to rumors the 6.8-inch Quad HD+ panel of the next Korean top of the range can reach the record value of 1,800 nits when needed. This is a peak value, so achievable under certain conditions, but to get an idea the current Galaxy S21 Ultra stops at 1,500 nits peak while iPhone 13 Pro Max to 1,200 nits.

The rumors today confirm the presence on Galaxy S22 Ultra (and brothers "minor") of the chip Snapdragon 898 or Exynos 2200 depending on the market, just like with every generation of Galaxy S for a few years now, and the battery from 5.000 mAh, which will be able to be recharged quickly thanks to Samsung's 45-watt technology, power almost double the current 25 watts of the S21 Ultra.

According to rumors, there will be no revolutions in the photographic field but certainly the improvements will not lack. As the adoption of a 108 megapixel main wide-angle lens of new generation, with a wider aperture and then the ability to capture more light when the ambient light is scarce.

On Galaxy S22 Ultra there should also be a renewed system of optical image stabilization, able to reduce vibration and micro movements of 48% compared to its predecessor, and if so it would really be a significant increase, especially if the competitors are called iPhone 13 Pro that on video quality always amaze fans and insiders.

It is said that even on Galaxy S22+ will come the fast charging at 45 watts of S22 Ultra, as well as will be shared Exynos 2200 chip that promises to be very powerful thanks to the collaboration on the graphics with the experts at AMD.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, how much will it cost

Rumors have focused for now on the characteristics and price of the top of the range Galaxy S22 Ultra, then scarce such information for the other two components of the range. The best exponent of the next generation of Samsung, despite the improvements, should arrive at an unchanged price compared to the current Galaxy S21 Ultra, which would mean in Italy 1,279 euros.