Samsung Galaxy S22 will have 65W fast charging

Samsung would finally be ready to push on fast charging, catching up on the competition that has come a long way in the meantime.

In recent times Samsung has adopted a very conservative approach regarding batteries and everything related to them. Perhaps this conservative approach stems from the unfortunate affair that occurred with the Galaxy Note 7 (withdrawn from the market in 2016 due to a serious battery problem), which caused Samsung considerable damage in terms of image and certainly economically.

Since then, Samsung, like Apple, has tried to do its best without, however, forcing its hand, both in terms of battery capacity and in fast charging technologies, which pose serious challenges to manufacturers from the point of view of the safety of the process. The higher the charging power, the greater the heat generated during the process and the greater the potential danger of the same, so, taking it for granted that Samsung does not lack the resources to bring to market top of the range smartphones with ultrafast charging, this is really a manufacturer's choice. A choice that, however, is perhaps about to be changed.

The certification of the 65 watt charger

Things are bound to change starting with next year's Samsung Galaxy S22. Judging by the latest rumors, the Galaxy S22 could support 65-watt wired fast charging. We are therefore far from the power levels of the competition, with Xiaomi that for example is preparing to disintegrate the wall of 100 watts with the upcoming Mi Mix 4, but the fact remains that it would be by far the fastest fast charging Galaxy ever: currently the record belongs to Galaxy S21 Ultra with its 45 watts.

The hypothesis stems from the documentation, intercepted by the rumor, which certifies that the Danish body UL (Demko) has certified a charger manufactured by Samsung from 65 watts peak. The model indicated is EP-TA865, it supports USB Power Delivery and PPS protocols and also different powers: 15, 45 and 65 watts.

Somebody might think that it could be a notebook charger, but the document indicates that the output voltage is also 5 volts, which is lower than the one needed to keep a laptop on. So it's necessarily a smartphone or tablet charger.

Fast charging will be charged

Reports from China say that it will be the entire Galaxy S22 range that will have 65 watt fast charging, and not just the more powerful variant of the top of the range that will see the light of day in the first half of 2022. The current Galaxy S21 range, on the other hand, has wired charging at 25 watts on the base model and 45 watts on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

All sources agree on the fact that Samsung, in all likelihood, will not include the 65 watt charger in the sales package, which will have to be purchased separately by browsing the accessories catalog.