Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be the tablet that will challenge iPad Pro

Samsung is working on the 2022 range of its tablets, in particular on the flagship model Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: here's the latest on the iPad Pro challenger

iPad has been the benchmark for the tablet market for years, with a market share that consistently exceeds 30%. The remaining 70% is divided among a myriad of Android tablet manufacturers, among which Samsung is credited with never giving in to Apple's success. Now the pandemic has given new lifeblood to the entire market and all major manufacturers are trying to challenge Apple again with new models.

The new needs arrived with the Covid-19 disease, with tele-work, distance learning and virtual meetings with relatives and friends far away, have in fact given a second youth to a market that seemed totally in the hands of Cupertino, so even Samsung and its tablets have benefited. Now is about to open a new episode in the challenge between the two giants, the American on one side and the South Korean on the other. Will involve iPad Pro and what will probably be its most formidable competitor branded Samsung, namely Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Needless to say, the Samsung tablet will have an enviable data sheet and a series of goodies that in the intentions of the Asian company will shake the certainties of many technology enthusiasts.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with Exynos 2200?

The most credible rumors on Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra place inside the tablet the Exynos 2200, the next high-performance Samsung chip that will also be used on the future Galaxy S22. The strong point of the next Korean chip will certainly be the graphics card made in collaboration with AMD experts: according to past rumors, it will be a very refined and extremely powerful component, derived from the world of gaming consoles.

So it's easy to predict that the huge display expected on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (it could even touch 15 inches) will be the perfect complement to a GPU that is expected to be very powerful, so able to run smoothly even extremely heavy games, for the satisfaction of those who will buy the next flagship tablet from Samsung. According to rumors, the Exynos 2200 will be on the same level overall as Apple's powerful M1 chip that has amazed for performance on iPads and even Macs, which generally need higher power.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with Snapdragon 898?

Next to this indiscretion there is the one that instead provides for the use of the best chip from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 898 that will represent the flagship of the 2022 range of the American manufacturer. Samsung, therefore, would not yet have chosen which of the two to use, and probably, being Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 898 on the same performance level, it is likely that the company wants to decide on the basis of the evolution of the crisis of the chips that is scourging the industry.

The chip that will give the greatest guarantees in terms of availability will probably be the candidate to take control of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Or, as it already happens with the Galaxy S smartphones, Samsung could decide to use one chip for the tablets destined to some markets and the other chip for those destined to other markets.

The only certainty is that Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will cost a lot, as expected from a product of high technical value: in the top variant you could exceed the 1,200 euro list price.