Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will challenge iPad Pro with an incredible screen

Unbelievable the portrait made by the latest rumors about Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: here's what will make it the number one rival of iPad Pro

Samsung is among the few companies to make the "war" to Apple and its iPad with the Galaxy Tab of the S range. Seoul has never given up on the perfectible propensity of Android to adapt to screens larger than those of a smartphone with specific optimizations, and has spent years to build a valid interface for tablets.

Needless to say, Samsung has succeeded, it's there for all to see. So the Galaxy Tab S are historically the most credible competitors to Apple's iPads, and in particular the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be the most uncomfortable competitor to the iPad Pro. This is suggested by predecessors and even indiscretions that have been coming for months already and will accompany Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and the "standard" variant until launch. The latest, provided by the reliable On Leaks, provide the portrait of a device designed without too many compromises: the design for example is particularly modern thanks to bezels around the screen reduced to the bone, to the point that Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could even have the notch.

Surprise: Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a notch

Long disputed by fans and mocked by competitors, the notch - or the "notch" - from a distinctive element of Apple (which recently also ended up on the new MacBook Pro) could therefore be shared by competitors. The latest renders of Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra show how the designers could not have done without it in order to accommodate the two cameras for video calls "because" of bezels around the display particularly thin.

To maximize the space available, therefore, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra would have resorted to a small notch, moreover in a field, that of tablets, in which Apple (so far) has managed to avoid it. In this way, in the face of particularly small dimensions - we speak of 325.8 x 207.9 x 5.4 mm, the thickness is negligible - would get a 14.6-inch display with specifications to scream: Super AMOLED technology, refresh rate of 120 Hz and WQXGA + resolution.

Two cameras on the front, then, and as many on the back, where there would also be a magnetic strip in which to store the S Pen and recharge it when not in use. Completing the picture is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 chip, four speakers and, unfortunately, the absence of a headphone input with 3.5mm audio jack.

The latest on Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8+

The same chip would also be included on the other two components of Samsung's best tablet range, Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8+. The latter in particular seems to be an "Ultra" a bit smaller: the main specifications of the screen would be the same against a diagonal of 12.4 inches, while Tab S8 would have a non-AMOLED but LTPS always at 120 Hz but with resolution (WQXGA) and diagonal (11 inches) lower.

And if on Galaxy Tab S8+ On Leaks has not shared renders, has distributed them instead on Galaxy Tab S8. Which unlike the Ultra variant would have bezels around the screen more abundant in which is "drowned" the front camera, so it would be possible to avoid the notch. The Galaxy Tab S8 range is expected to arrive in early 2022.