Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will have the stylus, will replace the Galaxy Note

Goodbye Galaxy Note, welcome Galaxy Z Flip 3: Samsung presents a patent that suggests that its next "foldable" will be compatible with the stylus S-Pen.

A revolution, which Samsung would be ready: farewell to the Galaxy Note range to make room for the new that advances, specifically the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. The line of iconic smartphones with the stylus seems to be at the end of the line, despite the enormous satisfaction yielded over the years to the Korean company.

The prospect would have prospected in recent months even the CEO of Samsung, confirming in fact a series of rumors that even the well-informed on the first struggled to believe. Mind you, it would not be a farewell to the stylus. No hara-kiri. More simply, it would be the stylus to continue in the wake of advancing time. It's still too early to know if on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 there will be a space to accommodate the S Pen as is the case today on the Samsung Galaxy Note or if it will be in the box or if it will be purchased as an accessory, but on the fact that the next foldable - as Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G - will support the S Pen there seems to be no more doubt.

Gone are the Galaxy Notes, room for the foldable Galaxy

According to reports from Dutch site LetsGoDigital Samsung has applied for and obtained a new patent in Europe for the name Z Flip, which in the document contains a series of very explanatory descriptions of what these devices will be in the future: "smartphones, tablets, protective covers; electronic pen; capacitive stylus", with the last two more interesting than the others to get an indication of the future of the range.

The Samsung Galaxy Notes, historically, are premium devices designed for a relatively small market consisting of business users who can get the most out of the stylus and ordinary tech enthusiasts with an above-average spending capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip line, having prices that are anything but popular, is aimed roughly at the same audience, so according to the company it would be time to evolve the product. There is also to add, then, that the Notes have always been smartphones with very large screen, but now all top of the range smartphones have a screen of six or more inches.

It must be said that at present the only certain element is the compatibility of the S Pen with the next foldable (Samsung Galaxy Z Fold included), while the farewell to the Galaxy Note line with the consequent cancellation of the project Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is still an indiscretion. With various clues in tow, of course, but not yet confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, when they arrive

Other rumors reported by Korean newspaper Yonhap, however, focus on how many and which smartphones will arrive in the coming weeks. Much will depend on the actual farewell to the project Samsung Galaxy Note 21: if it were to be confirmed, the company would fill the gap by reorganizing some presentations.

At least three models would in fact arrive in August: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - that is, the variant of the recent flagships characterized by a more favorable price-quality ratio - and the two foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, both compatible with the S Pen. The "Fan Edition" of the S21 would thus be brought forward compared to last year, when Galaxy S20 FE was made official in September.

In case instead the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 should continue to remain on the market, then, they would arrive as per tradition by the end of August while the two Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 would be brought forward to July.