Samsung launches a wireless pad that charges three devices

Samsung launches Wireless Charger Pad Trio: a wireless pad that can charge up to 3 devices at once

Samsung is working on its new wireless pad to charge up to three devices at once. If Apple continues to lag with its AirPower, first announced in 2017 and then cancelled, Samsung is preparing to launch the Wireless Charger Pad Trio soon.

Leaker Evan Blass shared an image showing an elongated, rectangular-shaped charging pad, introducing it as the new Wireless Charger Pad Trio. Samsung is thus preparing to renew its offer of wireless charging devices, implementing the Charger Duo launched in August 2018, which allowed the charging of two devices at the same time. With the new wireless charging pad, the South Korean company offers the possibility to charge three devices, including smartwatches and earbuds.

Charger Pad Trio, the features

In the image shown by leaker Evan Blass, we can notice some details about Samsung's Charger Pad Trio. The wireless charging pad is divided into two sections, one of which features a circular silhouette that could be the charging base for smartwatches. In the other half of this pad, which appears rectangular and elongated in shape, you'll be able to charge various devices such as smartphones, earbuds or more. The Charger Pad Trio comes with a USB-C port and the Qi wireless charging standard, probably with 15W fast charging, for compatible devices.

In the package of Samsung's wireless pad in addition to the appropriate fast charging cable, you should also find the power supply with USB-C input and output. As for the color, the image shows a black variant of the charging device, but according to some rumors there could also be a colored version, probably white like the Charger Duo's. At the moment, the official launch date is not yet known, but given the ever-increasing rumors in circulation it could be coming very soon.