Samsung, OneUI 2.0 based on Android 10: what’s new

With the release of Android 10 on Samsung smartphones will come the new OneUI 2.0 interface: here are all the new features

After Google's announcement that unveiled a renewal of the Android brand starting with the next version , on the network appeared a video published by Portuguese YouTuber Dudu Rocha that illustrates all the features of the new One UI 2.0 Samsung smartphones based on Android 10. The interface would be installed on the Galaxy S10 +.

The video in question introduces a whole series of innovations that the Korean giant will present with the adoption of Android 10 in line with what is dictated by Google, but without going to affect and upset the One UI interface. Scrolling through the movie you immediately notice the new gestures: a swipe made from the right or left side of the screen allows you to go back, while with a swipe towards the other you can return to the home screen. These are gestures provided by the Mountain View giant in the Developer Preview of Android 10 that can be adopted by all manufacturers.

Samsung OneUI 2.0: the new features

An important novelty concerns the adoption of new security settings called "Local" and accessible through the privacy section of the smartphone settings. The video shows the new Quick Settings screen that confirms the graphical elements introduced with the One UI 1.0, but that will occupy the whole screen thanks to the adoption of the new version of the green robot's software.

The clock is now smaller and has been moved to the top of the screen, while the different panels dedicated to the settings have been positioned in a more spaced out manner thus making the screen cleaner and easier to read. Finally, the clip shows what should be a number of unprecedented features introduced just by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and that, it seems, will soon be available for the Galaxy S10 range,  such as the native screen recorder and the "Link to Windows" option developed in collaboration between the Redmond-based house and the Korean company.

Samsung OneUI 2.0: is it real?

The video lasts 11 minutes and explains all the new features that will characterize the new OneUI 2.0 interface based on Android 10. For some experts, it could be a fake, to be taken relatively with a grain of salt. A number of details, however, suggest the opposite, confirming the authenticity of the revelations, in particular the presence of the persistent notification "SecurityLogAgent" always used in all the non-final versions of software produced by Samsung for developers.