Samsung patents a smartphone with a sliding screen

The Korean manufacturer continues to experiment with new formats for its smartphones: the new patent shows the successor to Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip?

Comes from Samsung the new frontier of smartphones, through a recent patent registered in the United States. This is a phone with a sliding screen and completely able to cover the front, up to overlap the edge of the chassis that, at least so far, was usually left out of the game.

Samsung is certainly not new to the introduction of new technologies in the field of mobile telephony. The proof is given by the two recent smartphone models, namely Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Both characterized by a foldable screen, they differ in the type of closure: the first is able to fold completely in half and halve the height, allowing you to enjoy a full screen once opened, the second, however, has a book-like opening, thus doubling the size of the display in the sense of width. With the new design, however, what makes the difference is precisely the screen, which is able to slide on itself.

Samsung and the smartphone with sliding screen, what it is

The patent of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy from the sliding screen dates back to October 29, 2020 through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), or the administrative body for the issuance of patents and trademark filings in the United States. According to the papers, there are many features that hint at a project with a futuristic style.

From the descriptions included within the patent, it is immediately evident the difference with the past, since the body is practically not visible. In fact, what immediately strikes the attention is the structure of the screen, capable of completely covering even the edge of these new products of the South Korean giant.

Samsung and the smartphone with sliding screen, how it works

It is precisely on the technology used for the realization of flexible screens that is based the new patent of Samsung. From the descriptions we can see the possibility of making a smartphone with a real display that can cover the entire surface, until it completely wraps around the chassis, a bit 'as already happens with the phone of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha.

It is not entirely new for the South Korean giant, however, that of the screen rounded at the ends but, rather, a flashback. In fact, already a few years ago Samsung had tried with Infinity Displays, equipped with curved edges, so the possibilities of physically realize a screen like the one proposed in the patent could be almost reality.

To this, then, we add the possibility to slide the screen vertically, revealing the camera positioned in the lower section and the integrated sensors. In this way, the display appears fully exploited while, to recall the cam at work, it would be enough to literally move the upper screen with a single gesture of the hand.