Samsung prepares the Galaxy S8 mini: 5.3″ screen and iris reader

Samsung is ready to launch a Mini version of the Galaxy S8. It will initially come out in South Korea and then, perhaps, will also arrive in Europe

While Samsung is preparing for the big event in August for the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8, new rumors about the release of the Galaxy S8 Mini are popping up. The South Korean company, according to these news, would be working on a smaller version of its top of the range with a 5.3-inch screen.

A decision that refers a bit 'to the past, when the Asian company, after a few months after the introduction of a top of the range, launched on the market a mini version, with limited features, compared to the larger model, and more affordable prices. The last Samsung smartphone to have a mini successor was the Galaxy S5. The others, however, (the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7), were not accompanied by more "modest" versions. A choice perhaps dictated by market reasons, aimed at maximizing the profits of the top of the range of the moment. Now Samsung would be ready to return to the roots by launching the Galaxy S8 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini: features

According to rumors, the Asian company will launch the Galaxy S8 Mini initially in South Korea, while there is no news if the smartphone will also arrive in other markets. The rumors do not provide, however, details about the timing, as well as little is known, at the moment, about the technical characteristics of the device. Moving always in the field of hypotheses, the news claim that the device will have a 5.3-inch screen, although, due to the size of the device, you will have the feeling of holding a smartphone of just 4.7 inches.

On board there will be a Snapdragon chipset

Always considering the few news so far arrived, the Galaxy S8 Mini should mount the Snapdragon 821, processor produced by Qualcomm, and have 4 GB of RAM. The last detail added by the rumors concerns the internal storage unit. Samsung's smartphone should have just 32 GB memory. The Galaxy S 8 Mini could also integrate the iris reader. We will definitely know more in a few weeks.