Samsung, revolution in sight: goodbye to the Galaxy S and the Note

Samsung would plan to unify the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note range and launch a single smartphone to make room for the Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be the last products of the two respective ranges of the South Korean tech giant: from next year, in fact, Samsung could merge them into a single product.

The news of the possible unification of the two ranges of top of the range smartphones has been going around for quite a while, but lately the rumors are becoming more insistent. Rumors, we repeat, not official news. During a press event last February, however, Samsung's own director of global marketing admitted that the next Galaxy S may not be called S11. And maybe not even Galaxy. The official reason, stated at the time, was the excessive length of "Galaxy Eleven". Always during the same press conference Samsung said that "it's time to unify the brand".

Addio Galaxy S and Galaxy Note

After the hints of recent months, now comes a tweet of the famous leaker Evan Blass that cites "solid internal sources" at Samsung and reiterates that we are close to say goodbye to the two models, which will be unified into one. On the other hand, the differences between the two lines are always minor and already today between a Galaxy S10 and a Galaxy Note 10, except for the S Pen, not much changes.

Space to the Galaxy Fold

There is also to consider that the abandonment of the Note series in favor of a new Galaxy, which could be called "Galaxy One", would leave not a hole but a space: the space needed to market the Galaxy Fold and the future range of foldable smartphones. There is, however, to specify that, at least for those who are the current plans of Samsung, the Fold will not come to all markets (for the moment will not come to Italy). As early as next year, therefore, there could be countries with a single range of Samsung's top of the line smartphones and other countries with two ranges, one of which is foldable.

The future of the S Pen

At this point everyone is asking a question: if the Galaxy Note disappears, what will happen to the S Pen? The most likely thing is that it will be integrated, as an option, in the Galaxy One series. Probably only in the top models, to justify the price increase. At least initially, however, integrate compatibility with the smart pen on the Fold could excessively increase the technical complexity of this device. Whose screen, as we know, has already suffered from more than one problem in the past.