Samsung S30, the camera is scary: 150 Megapixel sensor

For the Galaxy S30 Samsung is thinking of a 150 Megapixel main photo sensor that will allow you to take ultra-high definition images

Despite being a year away from its launch, the Samsung S30 is already fueling the curiosity of many fans and experts. Among the most important specifications stand out those related to the photographic compartment. After the rumors on the absence of the front notch, in recent days rumors circulate that the main photo sensor will be 150 megapixels.

The evolution of the camera has reached its peak with the Samsung S20 Ultra, considered among the best on the market. The South Korean company, however, wants to raise the bar even higher and propose a camera characterized by a resolution that does not currently exist on the market. If so, the Samsung Galaxy S30 could represent the new frontier of the photographic compartment, demonstrating that images are the driving force behind the evolution of smartphones, now comparable to professional cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S30: will it have a 30MP camera?

The Galaxy S30 will represent a real leap forward compared to current proposals, especially with regard to the photographic compartment. Why do we say that?

Because in the last few hours, Sammobile, a platform specializing in Samsung-related news, has reported that the Galayx S30 will have a 150 MP main camera.

To this should be added a 64 MP telephoto lens, a ToF sensor for depth of field, a 16 MP wide-angle lens and a camera specially designed for macro shots of 12 MP,.

According to the source, the company is experimenting with two prototypes, including one with optical stabilization on the main camera. Of course, these are not official sources so the information should be taken with a grain of salt. We will have to wait a few more months to receive confirmations about the new configurations, including cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S30 will also have another incredible feature

The 150MP camera will not be the only excellence of the new smartphone. In recent weeks, another interesting feature has been spreading: the front camera will be hidden under the display. That is, the design will not be interrupted by the notch or other elements and this will allow to achieve a result to which everyone aspires, but that still has not been achieved by any house.

Inserting the camera under the display, however, is an operation far from easy, because you have to deal with the reduction of light, an essential element to obtain high quality images. But this limitation could be overcome by inserting a lens capable of a larger aperture. Currently on the market there are neither smartphones with a camera integrated into the display, nor 150 MP photo sensors. If Samsung succeeds in both intents, it would not only create an unparalleled device, but it would also be the benchmark competitor.