Samsung, smartphones of the future will read your hand

Samsung is working on a new biometric sensor to be included on the next phones, it is a feature that through camera recognizes our hand

Samsung is patenting a new biometric sensor that can read the palm of the hand of users to help them unlock the phone when they forget the password. We'll just swipe our palm over the display to get help on credential recovery.

Biometric security on mobile devices, nowadays, is not a new idea. You can find fingerprint scanners on the market even on mid-range Android devices and even in some entry level ones. On top of that, it's easy to come across iris scanning sensors or facial recognition tools, like the famous Face ID on the iPhone X. Until now, no manufacturer had ever thought of using palm scanning to recognize a user. And it is likely that the first to use this system on its smartphones will be Samsung.

Palm Scanner

To confirm this theory there is a patent, recently filed by the South Korean giant, in which you can clearly see a phone with a sensor in the screen that can read and recognize the palm of a user's hand. The idea of Samsung is simple, the scanner will serve to help users who easily forget their PIN for unlocking the display. At this point the question is: how does it work? Simple, through front or rear camera we can record on the device the palm of our hand. Let's say that one day we forget the password of the phone. No problem, we'll just pass our palm over the screen and it will scan our fingerprint and insert the letters and numbers of the passcode between the lines and unique signs of our hand. For example, if your password is ABHL, the screen will show parts of those letters between the various palm prints in order to give us a refreshing memory. Obviously relying on initial photos the system won't come with payment apps, it would be easy for hackers to tamper with. Samsung sees the hand scanner as just one more feature to help users who are a bit "forgetful."