Samsung teams up with Olympus for smartphone cameras

Samsung has also chosen a technological partner to further raise the quality of the shots of its top of the range smartphones: it's the Japanese company Olympus.

The camera is becoming one of the leading elements in a smartphone. That's why, after many renowned collaborations between smartphone manufacturers and photographic lenses, Samsung has decided to get involved by allying itself with Olympus for new photo modules to be integrated on its Galaxy line devices.

The dance of photographic partnerships, this year, began with three top models that have made the photo/video compartment a key element of the device. One was undoubtedly Huawei's P50 model which, relying once again on lenses made with Leica, will bring to its flagship phone the Sony IMX800 sensor, i.e. the largest CMOS currently on the market, in addition to proposing Ultravision technology. OnePlus, with the base model and the Pro version of the 9 series, has pulled out of the hat a photographic module made in collaboration with Hasselblad, equipped with the innovative Natural Color Calibration standard for higher quality images.

Samsung and Olympus, what does the partnership include?

The collaboration between the two partners has been confirmed, if we can say so, by two of the most popular leakers in the industry; the first was Yogesh, with a post published on his Twitter profile, while the second to give news was Ice Universe on the Chinese platform Weibo. Should the program follow the schedule, Samsung's first smartphone equipped with an Olympus camera could already be the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is expected to be unveiled in July/August 2021.

Currently, however, no information has been provided on the strategy driving the partnership between Samsung and Olympus. It could be about color calibration or, more technically, about processing images taken with the device. The only information on which it's possible to speculate is the new Samsung processor, codenamed "Olympus": definitely not enough to draw conclusions but certainly a good starting point to start thinking about the future between the two companies.

Samsung and Olympus, what's next?

Just last month, Samsung Exynos had published via Twitter a teaser on the development of a 200 MP sensor. It would be, therefore, the evolution of the 108MP version that, to date, has already been integrated on a substantial part of the flagship models of the major manufacturers, not only on the Samsung Galaxy.

For this reason, it can not be excluded that the next sensor from the extra large size on which they are focusing the combined efforts of the South Korean manufacturer could peep on what will be the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the top version of the series that will make its official debut next year.