Samsung, the foldable smartphone arrives in November

After many indiscretions, Samsung could surprise everyone: the South Korean company is in fact about to launch, in November 2018, the Samsung Galaxy X, that is the first foldable smartphone. The news about an imminent launch by Samsung of a device with a foldable screen had been repeated constantly in the last period, the presentation was scheduled for 2019 but the South Korean giant has decided to displace everyone and anticipate the time.

According to the first information, coming from sources within Samsung, the foldable phone should be presented at the Samsung Developer Conference to be held in November 2018 in San Francisco. As already pointed out the name of the new foldable smartphone will be Samsung Galaxy X and it is likely that the screen will be able to bend only forward and at most 90 degrees, but without having visible bezels or seams inside the screen.

Galaxy X, the 2-in-1 smartphone

What is the purpose of a phone with a large foldable screen? Simple, to use the device both as a smartphone and a tablet. With the Galaxy X Samsung hopes to activate a new slice of the market with the "2-in-1 smartphones". After all, some users in recent years have appreciated the tablet 2 in 1, that is a bit 'notebook and a bit' tablet and the South Korean company hopes to do the same with foldable smartphones. If necessary, to watch streaming movies, read a book or use on-demand applications such as SkyGo, for example, we will just have to fold the screen to enlarge it and have a greater viewing experience.

Stealing the scene from the iPhone XS

Why did Samsung decide to anticipate so much the initial time scheduled for the official launch of the foldable smartphone? Because, according to the first market analysis, the South Korean company noticed that many other manufacturers would also launch by early 2019 their foldable smartphones. Therefore, in order to have an exclusive and to anticipate the competition Samsung would have preferred to present the foldable smartphone Galaxy X by November 2018. Without forgetting that this could also be a marketing strategy to shift attention and perhaps some sales from the 2018 iPhones that Apple will present on September 12.