Samsung, the Galaxy F2 will be square

Samsung is working on the Galaxy F2, a new foldable smartphone that is more compact and functional than the Galaxy Fold. Here's what it will look like

Samsung plans to unveil early next year a second top-of-the-game foldable smartphone with compact dimensions and that, when folded, would take the shape of a square. According to rumors spread online, the arrival of a second foldable device would be linked to the fate of the Galaxy Fold, announced and never released on the market because of problems due to the extreme fragility of the OLED display.

The future of the hypothetical Galaxy F2 is linked to the release of the first foldable smartphone from Samsung. According to the latest rumors, the South Korean company would finally be ready to reopen pre-orders from the next few days: by the end of September, the Galaxy Fold should make its market debut. And at which point Samsung engineers could focus on the next model, which will be more compact and functional.

Samsung: a new foldable device

According to the various rumors that alternate online, the Korean giant would plan to churn out a new foldable smartphone and thinner than the Galaxy Fold with a 6.7-inch internal display and that, when closed, a bit 'as was the case for the old clamshell phones, becomes a square by the size and shape compact. Ace in the sleeve of the new project of the South Korean brand is the collaboration with the American designer Thom Browne. A choice that suggests that Samsung is not only interested in technology, but also in style and design.

Samsung: the characteristics of the new foldable device

The 6.7-inch foldable display that will be used on the Galaxy F2 once opened should have the shape and size of a classic smartphone, but folded it would become a square. The new smartphone is expected to use an ultra-thin glass for the inner screen that would measure only 3% of the thickness of the glass normally used to protect phone displays. At the top of the inner display should be placed the camera, which apparently should be the same one used on the recent Galaxy Note 10, while two other cameras would be housed in the outer shell of the phone.