Samsung, the TV becomes “transparent”

Samsung's new televisions adapt to their surroundings and show useful information such as weather forecasts and breaking news on the screen

In an event held in New York, Samsung presented the new models of QLED televisions that will be launched on the market this year. There are four new models, with the screen size ranging from a minimum of 49 inches up to a maximum of 75. For the new televisions Samsung has focused on improving the light spectrum supported by QLED technology, which now reaches almost 100% of the available colors.

Samsung in recent years has sought to make televisions an integral part of family life and not just a device to spend a few hours watching a movie or your favorite program. First, it turned TVs into smart devices capable of connecting to the internet, then it introduced apps (such as Netflix) that increase the things you can watch. But with the 2018 QLED TVs, there is a definite step forward into a new era, one in which the TV becomes "transparent" by integrating into the furniture of a home.

Samsung's Transparent TVs

The Korean company has introduced Ambient Mode on its devices. This is a feature that allows you to use the TV even when it is turned off. And at the same time turn it into a home decor. Thanks to Ambient Mode it is possible to "transmit" useful information to the TV screen: weather conditions, breaking news, the time and some notifications. To implement this feature, Samsung has made agreements with major U.S. weather stations and also with the New York Times. But this is not the only new feature of Ambient Mode. Users will also be able to take a picture of the wall and one of the TV, so that a picture with the same texture as the wall is reproduced on the screen. The TV becomes "transparent" and transforms into a home decor accessory. In addition, thanks to the TV's very thin bezels, it's as if you don't notice its presence on the wall.

The Ambient Mode is activated whenever a person is near the TV but doesn't turn it on. At this point the screen will "turn on" and show information (weather, breaking news) according to the user's taste.

Samsung TVs smart features

The new Samsung TVs will not just be "smart", but will also be able to communicate with all other smart devices in the home as well. To configure the TV, you'll need to use Samsung's SmartThings app, which allows you to easily transfer all your login credentials to the TV for various video streaming services. But that's not all. The application offers the possibility to manage the smart devices in the house directly from the TV. Which becomes the central hub of the smart home. Samsung's QLED TVs will also integrate the Bixby voice assistant, but will only support English and South Korean.

Price and availability in Italy

Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs will be available in Italy from April. Prices have not been made official yet, but they will go should be between 1700 euros and 6400 euros depending on the screen size.