Samsung: two new cheap Galaxy 5G smartphones

Samsung is reportedly nearing completion of work to launch two new cheap Galaxy smartphones, and rumors have been swirling to find out more: the latest

5G for everyone. This seems to be the commitment made by Samsung in recent times, deciding to continuously strengthen the presence of 5G smartphones within its range. On the high end it is obviously an indispensable feature, but other efforts are required to include it on the lower ranges.

Samsung is planning to launch two new Galaxy economic with 5G connectivity. If you were to profile the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A33 today, in fact, both would support 5G networks. Of course, the rumors can't be relied on too much, but the signals given by Samsung in recent times suggest that this is not such an unlikely scenario. The two new budget Galaxy should arrive in the first part of 2022, but already now the "machine" of rumors has been activated to provide technology enthusiasts with as much information as possible. Let's find out the latest on Samsung Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A33.

Samsung Galaxy A13

Launched in January in Italy at 229 euros list, the current Galaxy A12 is one of the cheapest smartphones from Samsung and also the least expensive of the Galaxy A range. It would be a "hit" if the successor Galaxy A13, already in the news for some time for rumors, had, among other innovations, 5G connectivity.

Some indication of its presence has already arrived, and also finds confirmation from logic: Samsung has invested a lot on the subject in recent times, so the possible compatibility with 5G networks of Galaxy A13 would be a "not surprising surprise". It would benefit the smartphone and those who intend to buy it, the market because it would stimulate competition, and Samsung itself, which would have a list of 5G smartphones - so ready for the future - even larger than now.

Among the information circulated so far on the Galaxy A13, the most tantalizing are those concerning the cameras. Compared to its predecessor, the main sensor should be all new: produced by Camsys and Namoo, it would be 50 megapixels rather than the current 48 MP. At first glance this may seem like a minor change, and from the point of view of resolution it certainly is.

But resolution alone does not make the photographic quality, and the market is full of examples that show that a higher resolution does not necessarily imply higher image quality. In short, the new sensor expected on Galaxy A13 could take better photos than the only 2 more megapixels suggest.

The remaining three cameras would be, according to rumors, a 5 MP ultra wide-angle and two "accessory" sensors of 2 MP each, one macro and one for depth of field detection. On the front there would instead be an 8-megapixel sensor for selfies and video calls.

Samsung Galaxy A33

On Samsung Galaxy A33 the only thing currently certain is that it will be done, and soon. The indiscretions on his account latitano, the first came only recently and concerns the colors. That will be four, three of which are well known to fans of the Galaxy A line since they are found a bit 'on all models: black, white, blue and orange.

Finally, rumors say that Samsung Galaxy A33 will have the 13-megapixel front camera of the current Galaxy A32.