Samsung used to mock Apple but now it’s imitating it

Samsung has removed a post from Facebook mocking Apple, because it's about to do the very thing it was mocking it for. Here's what.

Even giants change their minds, and even giants cheat a little when they do. The giant in question is Samsung, which has removed an old Facebook post from October 13 in which it mocked competitor Apple. The reason for the removal is simple: Samsung is about to do exactly what it mocked Apple for two months ago.

We're talking about Apple's decision, which caused quite a stir, to remove the charger from the packaging of the iPhone 12. Half of the world made fun of Apple at the time: a smartphone costing over a thousand Euros without a charger in the box was not seen as a tolerable move by anyone. Not even Samsung, who published a post on one of their Facebook pages to make fun of Apple. This post, less than a month after the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S21, is no longer there. Guess why?

Samsung's post removed

On October 13, 2020, the post that has now disappeared appeared on Samsung Caraibi's Facebook page. The text of the post read, "Your Galaxy gives you what you're looking for. From the simplest things like a charger, to the best camera, the best battery, the best performance, memory and even a 120 Hz screen on one smartphone."

Along with the text, rounding out the post were a bunch of emoji and a photo depicting a charger with a caption, "Included with your Galaxy." There were, because now there's none of that.

Why Apple and Samsung remove the charger

That the charger won't be included in the packaging of the upcoming Galaxy S21 Samsung hasn't confirmed it yet, but everyone takes it for granted and the disappeared post seems to confirm it. As for Apple, however, the thing is known: in the iPhone box there is no charger, not even in that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max from no less than 1,289 euros.

We'll see how Samsung will justify this choice, we already know that Apple claims to have removed the charger for the sake of the environment: everyone has a charger at home, producing millions more along with the iPhone 12 would cause the unnecessary emission of gigantic amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and the consumption of thousands of tons of rare earths, necessary to build modern chargers.

What about wireless charging?

As much as Apple may talk about environmental friendliness and CO2 reduction, most people around the world still think that the Cupertino company (and soon, it seems, the Seoul company as well) removed the charger for a much less noble reason: to save a few pennies on a phone that is still sold at a high price.

Unfortunately for Apple, the company's marketing choices and the laws of physics support the rumors. Apple doesn't include the wired charger in the box, but it does sell the MagSafe wireless charger at great expense.

A charger that, like all wireless chargers, wastes at least 30% of the energy compared to a wired one to charge a smartphone. That's not a problem with MagSafe, it's a feature of induction charging to waste a lot of energy by dissipating it into heat. If Apple really cared about the environment, then, this technology wouldn't even consider it.