Samsung Webcam Monitor S4: the screen with the webcam that disappears

Samsung has made official a monitor that is quite complete and smart: there is a webcam that can disappear when not in use

Samsung makes official Webcam Monitor S4, a screen of which the presence of a disappearing webcam is intriguing. The company has managed to combine aesthetics with functionality by offering a true all-in-one product, conveniently adjustable and of a reasonable size for the office and smartworking, neither excessive nor limiting (24 inches).

Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 strikes the balance reached by Samsung between innovation and discretion: the new monitor offers a set of leading features, including a convenient support that allows you to adjust it at best, and also the innovation, "invisible" much of the time, the camera that can disappear when not needed. It is a system that is unlikely to give problems: there is no motorized mechanism, perhaps electric, but only a manual input, that is a pressure, to be given at the time you need the webcam. Simple and immediate. Here are its features.

Samsung Webcam Monitor S4: features

The monitor Samsung Webcam S4 has Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and a wide viewing angle (178 degrees) that offers an optimal experience from any position you look at it.

It was designed with an eye to comfort, so there is compatibility with the VESA standard as well as a support that makes it adjustable in height, tilt and rotation. And it's also comfortable for the eyes: Samsung has equipped it with specific functions to reduce flicker and blue light emission, as certified by TUV Rheinland, the leading international certification group.

But the particularity of the new Samsung monitor is, of course, the presence of the integrated webcam. The retractable sensor is a Full HD 2 megapixels, a few if you judge with the standards of smartphones, but in reality is a value more than enough to participate in video calls, conferences and meetings at a distance, to support which there are also two 2-watt speakers integrated.

The camera is a pop-up type, which emerges when necessary. There is no motorized mechanism, but you can call it up simply by exerting downward pressure on the surface that makes it invisible when not in use.

The presence of the camera implies additional comfort for those who decide to put a Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 on their desk: it ensures the ability to unlock the computer via Windows Hello, which translates into the opportunity to access their leisure or work environment in just two seconds.

So you say goodbye to passwords while maintaining fast, secure and efficient access.

Samsung Webcam Monitor S4: price and availability

The Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 is available in the unique 24-inch format on most global markets. In the list, fortunately, there is Italy.

We are not lucky, however, as far as price and availability are concerned: both information are not yet known, but the fact that the new Samsung monitor already appears in the Italian portal of Samsung could suggest short time for the commercialization.