Samsung’s 2022 budget smartphones will be waterproof

According to an Asian source, Samsung has identified an advantageous way for customers (and for itself) to differentiate itself from the competition

An indiscretion coming from Asia suggests that starting in 2022 even Samsung Galaxy budget smartphones will be waterproof. A way, the one identified by Samsung, to obtain several advantages: differentiate itself from the competition, provide greater value to the customer and reduce production costs of the entire range smartphone.

To hear the information arrived in recent hours by the Asian newspaper The Elec, Samsung in 2022 intends to do all in on the waterproofing of its smartphones. Many, indeed many, high-end and mid-range products have for years an IP certification against dust and liquids, but for next year in Seoul are planning to do even more, trying to further differentiate themselves on the competition. After all, nowadays, the difference is in the details, since even mid-range or low-end products have reached remarkable performance and quality levels.

Waterproofing brings many advantages

According to The Elec, therefore, Samsung wants to make more Galaxy smartphones water-resistant, extending a feature so far distinctive of the higher market segments even to the cheaper ones. The battle with Chinese manufacturers on the entry market segments, after all, is increasingly fierce, and compete with the bargain prices of smartphones from volcanic manufacturers such as Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi or Redmi is almost impossible without having distinctive features.

Such as waterproofing precisely, which would benefit the market by stimulating competition to offer more at the same price, would of course benefit customers, and also to Samsung itself, which would benefit from the simplification of production phases. It's always the same story: it's about economies of scale. Standardizing the production of back covers, for example, which would all or most be built to be waterproof would allow for economic advantages at the factory.

Samsung, therefore, would kill at least two birds with one stone: on the one hand it would have one more argument to convince users to buy its Galaxy and get an advantage over the competition, on the other hand it would get economies of scale that would be reflected positively even on high-end products already waterproof for years.

We start from Samsung Galaxy A33

Judging from the information obtained by The Elec, the new course of Samsung will be inaugurated by Galaxy A33. It's good to say, not to generate false expectations, that in all likelihood the cheaper the model, the less protection from dust and liquids offered, but anyway, according to rumors, all Galaxy (or almost) will offer a minimum level of protection.

The top of the range will offer the most protection, the mid-range and low-end products will have less "noble" certifications. But then again, beggars can't be choosers, can they?