Samsung’s four-in-one washer for a hi-tech home. Photo

Samsung unveils its revolutionary FlexWash + FlexDry washer-and-dryer system that includes two washers and two dryers in one system.

"Everyone has different clothes and different ways to take care of them," explained Seo Byung-Sam, President of Home Appliances at Samsung, and "FlexWash + FlexDry is a laundry system that adapts to any need." The Korean giant planned to make the washing and drying process as flexible as possible to fit people's way of life.

Samsung, before designing this four-in-one system did its "homework" and found out, through a special research, the habits on washer and dryer use by Americans. It turned out that 87% of respondents divide their laundry according to color - light and dark -, type of fabric, degree of dirt, while 70% of people perform two or more washes one after the other. The possibility of using, therefore, four compartments separately and at the same time, proved to be the most logical and practical solution for washing clothes faster and without having to necessarily mix them.

FlexWash: flexible washing

Each individual compartment, within both machines, includes unique features that can address the washing needs. The FlexWash front loader offers a capacity of over 140 liters - the largest in its class (class1) - capable of handling a normal or bulkier load. There is also a second compartment accessible from above that adds another 28 liters for washing more specific and delicate items separately, or more simply for a smaller load or for adding more laundry when the cycle has already started. The compartments are, in addition to being separate, are also programmable in different ways according to need. The FlexWash washer features three Samsung technologies: SuperSpeed to reduce wash cycles to just 30 minutes (instead of the usual 60 minutes), PowerFoam that uses the power of foam along with a mixture of water, air and detergent to clean and sanitize, and finally, Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) to minimize noise and vibration. FlexWash non richiede due impianti d’acqua separati, così da evitare di chiamare un professionista per montarla, gli sportelli in vetro consentono di controllare in ogni momento a colpo d’occhio la situazione e, sia la lavatrice che l’asciugatrice permettono di caricare e scaricare il bucato dall’alto.

FlexDry: asciugatura senza grinze

L’asciugatrice FlexDry, gemella della FlexWash, condivide la stessa capacità di asciugatura, con l’aggiunta anche in questo caso di un cestello secondario destinato a piccoli carichi o a biancheria particolarmente delicata che funziona, se impostato, contemporaneamente a quello principale. Un’area speciale (Delicate Rack) posizionata nella parte superiore della FlexDry è in grado di regolare automaticamente la temperatura in base a quella della stanza e a seconda della tipologia di capo da asciugare. Il cestello principale sfrutta

laundroid5.jpgFonte foto: Laundroid

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