Scanners and 3D printing will revolutionize the world of fashion

It is not hard to imagine that in the future our clothes will be made by a 3D printer, which will put together the "measurements" taken by a 3D scanner

The 3D production technologies will play an important role in Industry 4.0 and will cross any sector, such as fashion. In particular, many apparel companies will be revolutionized by two tools in particular: scanners and 3D printers.

In fact, companies specializing in 3D technologies are beginning to emerge, ready to provide their know-how to the fashion world. It's not hard to imagine that in the future, our clothes will be made by a 3D printer, piecing together "measurements" taken not by a human, but by a 3D scanner. One of the major changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution is that it has made manufacturing more flexible and less rigid. We're moving away from the logic of mass production to customized manufacturing systems, even in the industrial environment. Much of the credit for this goes to 3D technology, which lowers production times and costs.

Fashion 3D Technologies

As mentioned earlier, 3D tools will be very important for fashion, which is increasingly tied to innovation. Let's take the example of the scanner. The machine will make it possible to have personalized garments. You enter the scanner, the device performs a 360-degree analysis of the body and a 3D printer will "sew" the dress based on the data provided by the scanner. And that's not all.

The 3D scanner will also be instrumental in choosing sizes. As is well known, it is often difficult to find dressmakers who have the right measurements. The device could help, for example, designers of fashion companies to create clothes that are closer to the natural conformation of the body.

One of the most active companies in 3D body scanning is Body Labs. Its technologies may one day also be used to revolutionize online shopping. For example, we'll be able to upload a photo to an e-commerce platform and a 3D scanning system will show us if the size we choose is right.