Scewo, the wheelchair that goes up and down stairs

Sleek and very agile, the chair uses an automatic balancing system and rubber tracks. It will hit the market starting in 2018

The freedom of movement of disabled people forced to use a wheelchair is very limited. Especially when it comes to moving from one place to another. In fact, there are many obstacles that disabled people encounter. And one of them is, for example, the stairs.

In this case, unless there is a specific path, the disabled are forced to ask someone for help. Soon, however, thanks to the intuition of a group of Swiss students, things may change. The team of Swiss designers and engineers, enrolled at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), has developed a wheelchair that can go up and down stairs. It's a chair that partly replicates a system already seen a few years ago - and made by the same group - and combines the balancing techniques of Segway devices with rubber tracks.

How the Scewo works

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There is a lot of technology behind the Swiss wheelchair's operation. The device is able to go up and down stairs thanks to a series of rubber tracks that protrude from the chair when needed. The system of Scewo, the name of the future "means" of transport for the disabled, can be set up to deal with particularly difficult situations. Activating the "Track Mode", in fact, lowers the rubber tracks on the ground and the chair increases traction and improves grip on the ground.

Elegant and stable

In comparison with the first prototype, the designers have been very careful to take care of the aesthetic aspect of Scewo. The hi-tech chair is very stylish and aesthetically beautiful. The chair also seems to be very agile, thanks to the automatic balancing system. And that's not all. By pressing a button on the control "stick" you can activate a feature, called Elevate Mode, which allows the chair to rise above the ground, particularly useful when the disabled person needs to get up or reach an object.

The guys aim to launch the chair on the market from 2018.

The guys aim to launch the chair on the market starting from 2018, if they will be able to find the funds to realize the project.

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