Schitt’s Creek: all about the series that won at the 2020 Emmys

The TV series created by Eugene and Dan Levy won 9 statuettes at the Oscars of television series, but in Italy has never been broadcast. Here's what it's about

During the 2020 Emmy Awards ceremony, streamed on the night of September 20-21, awards were given to the best TV series of the year. Among the titles that have won the most awards ever stands out Schitt's Creek.

The show has received 9 statuettes. Yet, in our country the TV series has never aired and this has aroused the curiosity of many Italian viewers. Even the Television Academy, which confers the prestigious television awards, arrived a little late: Schitt's Creek was created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy back in 2015 and is now in its sixth season. In short, this is a belated but highly motivated recognition. The series is one of the most successful in recent years. So it's time to get to know it better and, why not, wait for its arrival in our country, given its recent popularity.

Schitt's Creek plot: what it's about

The fate of Schitt's Creek is a bit like that of Breaking Bad. What today is considered one of the best series of all time, reached success late, thanks to word of mouth.

Also the star of the 2020 Emmys certainly from this moment will be more considered by the media. But what is it about? The story centers on the Rose family, which consists of Johnny (Eugene Levy), a wealthy entrepreneur who owns a chain of video stores, his wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara) and their children David and Alexis (Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy).

The Roses, who were once among the richest and most prestigious families in the country, are now on the verge of ruin and are therefore forced to rebuild their lives in Schitt's Creek, a small town that Johnny bought almost as a joke years ago. The attitude and lifestyle of the family clashes immediately with that of the citizens of the suburbs and this will give rise to many comic and grotesque moments. The content, however, with its evolution has also brought on TV themes of social relevance. The son David is among the first pansexual characters brought into the world of television series.

The content is created by comedian, recorder and producer Eugene and his son Dan, who are also the two protagonists of the series. Daniel told that the idea of writing such a product came to him while watching a reality show about the lives of wealthy American families. At that moment, he wondered what would happen if one of them lost their wealth.

Schitt's Creek at the Emmys: awards and where it is broadcast

As anticipated, the product was a huge success during the ceremony of television Oscars. Among the awards stands out the one for the best television comedy series, for the best actor and supporting actress, best director, screenplay, up to 9 awards. This is an unparalleled success for a Canadian series, which is poised to become a model for the new era of comedy content. In fact, for many it's a clever mix of laughs, moments of reflection, but also a space to talk about issues related to family and inclusivity.

Schitt's Creek is distributed in Canada by CBC, in the U.S. by Pop. Last April, the sixth season aired. Initially it was proposed to other channels, including HBO and ABC, with which no agreements were closed. Given the sudden success, the title could now arrive in other parts of the world, including Italy. However, there is still no news about a possible streaming distribution.