Secure and easy-to-remember passwords, hacker’s advice

Kurt Muhl has released a series of useful tips for users to create passwords that are easy to remember but cannot be hacked

Generally, hackers are not people to be trusted. Also because their main purpose is to infect our devices and steal our credentials. ButĀ if a hacker explains how to create passwords that are easy to remember but hard to steal you should listen to him.

One of the first tips given by Kurt Muhl, computer security expert for RedTeam Security, is to take advantage of security questions on many sites. The hacker recommends creating a password by exploiting the first letters of each word in our answer. For example, if the answer to the security question is "I bought my house for 1 euro" our perfect password could be HCLMCP1E. This is a complex passcode but very easy for us to remember. Moreover it is a system difficult to hack with specific software for deciphering security keys.

Password advice

The hacker then advised against the use of chain passwords in any case. That is, those that contain a repetitive system in the combination of letters, numbers or symbols. Such as for example abc123def456, or QWERTY or 111AA. These passwords can be discovered within seconds by cyber criminals with the use of specific software. Muhl, to create passwords that are easy to associate with but difficult to crack, recommends instead using countries, places, or sports teams to associate with numbers we use often. The advice, however, is not to use places that are easily associated with us, such as our city or country. The other tip is to choose passwords that are long enough. The longer our password, the more difficult it will be to decipher. Obviously there must be a compromise, an "infinite" password is difficult to remember and we can often make mistakes when typing.