Selections are open for a job at the Italian research station in Antarctica

The Concordia at the South Pole must fill a vacancy on the team that will experience an icy year. The selection for the Italian research station is underway.

A year in the Concordia, one of the two Italian scientific bases in Antarctica. A year at the edge of the world and far - almost - from everyone. An extreme experience, of course, but a significant one, and one that will certainly not be forgotten. Very few, in fact, can say that they have seen Antarctica in person, let alone how many, therefore, have really lived there.

The selection is open for an enthusiastic traveler who is not afraid to push the boundaries of the world. Here's how to apply and what requirements are necessary to become part of the Italian team at the South Pole.

Where is it and what is the Concordia Station

The Concordia Station, managed by Italy in collaboration with the French, is located on the East Antarctic plateau, a hill at 3230 above sea level called Dome C, about 1000 km from the coast.

Constructed from 1998 to 2004, the Concordia has been operational since 2005 without interruption, regardless of prohibitive weather conditions that have seen temperatures drop to 80 degrees Celsius below zero. Inside, it has also housed 34 researchers and technicians.

The hard core of the inhabitants of this far-flung outpost is a group of 16 people, living in isolation for nine long months until the next expedition arrives.

Guess which of the two groups, the extended and the restricted, is the selection for? Exactly, so let's say that the first requirement is not to suffer too much loneliness.

What is the selection for the Concordia and what are the requirements

For the French-Italian Station is therefore looking for a doctor who will be part of the 18th winter campaign, from November 2021 for a whole year.

Among the requirements, to be part of the staff already employed by Public Health Facilities and have previous experience of emergency intervention in the area. That's all, plus prior clearance from the agency for which you currently serve.

It doesn't seem to be stringent requirements, although "previous experience in the area" is actually worded a bit vaguely. How to apply. Just respond to this notice of interest, for what the public notice defines as a unique and unforgettable experience, during which, perhaps, you will also find yourself investigating the mysteriously disappeared lake, right in the southernmost continent, or the lakes discovered by NASA.

Giuseppe Giordano