Selfies and photos with the Apple Watch: coming the strap

A startup has invented a strap with two integrated cameras, one 8 megapixel and the other 2 that integrates with the wearable of Cupertino

The Apple Watch lacks one thing: the camera. Soon, however, thanks to the invention of two guys, it will be possible to take selfies and record videos directly from the smartwatch of the bitten apple. How is this possible? With the CMRA strap.

The device, which was made by startup Glide, has in fact two cameras integrated into the band of the wearable. The main one is 8 megapixels while the front one is 2. It will be enough to activate one of the two cameras to send pictures to friends and relatives.

The majority of smartwatches on the market today for mostly technical reasons do not mount any photo support. Users can therefore receive photos and videos, but cannot send them. To their rescue comes the CMRA wristband. A simple click and the device activates.

How it works

(Taken from YouTube)

CMRA is designed to work on smartwatches made by Apple. The strap mounts, as anticipated, two cameras. The main 8-megapixel one can be used to take higher resolution photos and record videos, while the 2-megapixel one is more suitable for selfies. The two cameras can be activated by a button that is located under the 8-megapixel one. To take a picture you'll just need to press the button once, but if you press it longer the strap will record a video. And to switch from one camera to another? It will be enough to click on the button twice.

Other features and price

The wearable device produced by Apple also has other interesting features.  Let's start with the design. As Glide founder Ari Roisman says, "We learned that the device has to be very streamlined." In fact, the CMRA strap has soft spots right around the sensors, cameras, button and battery. Speaking of the battery, the Apple Band has a built-in one that allows the wristband to not use up the smartwatch's. The main camera also has an LED that lights up when the mount has been activated. The CMRA wristband is expected to be launched in early 2017 for a price of $200.

The video in the opening is from YouTube

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