Senstone, the wearable that reads your mind. Here’s how it works

Senstone is a tiny wearable being launched on Kickstarter: just press the button to record and then send everything to your smartphone

Everyone has had the brilliant idea, the one that could change our lives. Maybe in the car or in the shower. Only then we forgot to jot it down and we forgot about it. Thanks to a new wearable, however, this may not happen again. It's Senstone and it's just been launched on Kickstarter.

Today's world is characterized by two types of people. Those who believe that technologies control our every move and those who need to record everything on their devices because otherwise they won't remember. If you belong to the latter category then Senstone is the wearable for you. It is an accessory halfway between a bracelet ornament and a brooch. Just touch the only button present to start recording. Then everything is transferred to the dedicated smartphone app. It's pretty much the easiest way to never forget ideas, appointments or actions to be performed (to understand how it works, just browse the photo gallery above).Ca

Senstone transcribes our thoughts

(Taken from Kickstarter)

Senstone, however, does even more. The wearable doesn't just send recordings to the app, it transcribes them. In practice, it transforms our every thought into text. Each transcript can then be shared on social networks directly from the app. If you have a passion for creating sayings and then sharing them with friends, this feature will definitely do the trick. In addition to being attached to a wristband Senstone can also be used as a pendant or hung on the collar of your shirt or the sleeve of a jacket.

How Senstone works

The developers guarantee that Senstone, which will be released on the market in July, will be able to store up to 50 hours of recordings and on the cloud you can save up to 300 transcripts of voice messages up to one minute long. Although Senstone could be even more developed in the future in terms of memory based on user requests. In addition, it is very likely that at the time of its launch the wearable will be integrated with apps such as Evernote.

Functions even without a smartphone

Let's say, however, that the idea of life comes to you just when you are away from your smartphone. No problem because Senstone is able to save up to two and a half hours of recording even when used alone without pairing it with your phone. Once reconnected then Senstone will send all transcripts to your smartphone. The wearable has no functions other than recording, so don't expect pedometers and the like. At launch there are eleven languages enabled for transcription, including Italian. There will also be a premium subscription that will guarantee to unlock some specific functions of the AI such as punctuation and particular pauses during voice recording.

Price and shipping

Senstone can be purchased for a price of 100 dollars (just under 95 euros) on Kickstarter: the first shipments will begin in July.

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