Sex Education 3: all the anticpations

Sex Education season 3 release is just around the corner: all set for September 17 on Netflix.

Resurrected in February 2020, the teaser video with which Moordale High School principal Groff invited people to watch Sex Education season 3 in the near future. The release of the third chapter was slowed down by the pandemic, but it is finally scheduled to go online on Netflix on September 17.

Sex Education is one of the most educational Netflix series that has as its theme sex among teenagers. It manages to combine light and funny aspects with deeper and more complex issues that also affect the relationship with adults. The second season of the beloved series had ended with the main character, Otis, revealing his true feelings to Maeve by leaving a voicemail. This, promptly deleted by Isaac also infatuated with the beautiful girl. So what will happen between the two and who will have Maeve's heart?

The time jump of Sex Education 3

A while ago Asa Butterfield, one of the protagonists of the series, told The Guardian that the new season will probably open with the beginning of the school year. We won't see the kids' summer vacation and we won't even know the consequences of Otis' statement to Maeve, who will interpret his silence as a flat-out rejection. Otis and Maeve will be protagonists also in the eight new episodes in which they will mature and make new experiences.

Otis will change so much in the third season, shy and awkward, he will become a self-confident boy who will decide to have casual partners putting aside the serious relationships. His changes will also be physical: we will see him with a cute little mustache.

New entry in Sex Education 3

Hope Haddon, played by actress Jemima Kirke will be the new principal of Moordale High. Her leadership style will be a little strict and she will impose 1980s style school uniforms on the students. Haddon wants to return the school to its old glories.

Jason Isaacs has been cast to play Principal Groff's older brother, Peter who will take him in after his separation from his wife. Another new entry in Sex Education will be the character of Cal, played by Dua Saleh, a non-binary student who has a passion for songwriting and will often clash with Haddon.

Adam in the last episode of season 2 had found the courage to come out to his family and revealed his feelings to Eric. In the new season of Sex Education 3, Eric and Adam will officially be a couple, there will be no more secret meetings or unspoken feelings and they will finally live their love in the light of day. Jackson, on the other hand, will take a nasty love beating, while Jean will have to deal with her pregnancy and all the changes that the arrival of her second child will bring.

Let's wait until September 17 and tune in to Netflix.