Sex Education 3 comes out today with a curiosity for Italian fans

After much anticipation from 9.00 am today is available the third season of Sex Education: Otis, Maeve & the stories of Moordle High School are back

The doors of Sex Education have reopened: from today on the Netflix platform is available the third season. The hottest school of streaming is back and is preparing to face the new school year after the vacations with eight unreleased episodes.

The greatest merit of Sex Education is to be able to treat the sexual issues of adolescence in a "normal" way without inhibitions. The authors manage to be in the right measure ironic as well as concrete and realistic even in the most sensitive issues. Written and directed by Laurie Nunn, the show reviews themes such as bullying and violence, as well as family and friendship issues. Topics felt by every human being and especially by adolescents. Sex Education has reached a diverse audience with many curiosities to explore. On the occasion of the arrival of the third season, on September 17 and 18, Milan will dedicate a special corner for fans of the series: the Sex Education Pop Up Bakery will open.

Sex Education Pop Up Bakery

On September 17 and 18 in Milan, the historic Patty Bakery & Bistrot will be transformed into the Sex Education Pop Up Bakery: a space entirely dedicated to fans of the series and also to the curious. With a free entrance and limited due to Covid restrictions you can enjoy exclusive activities: from 14:00 to 19:00 on September 17 and from 10:00 to 19:00 on September 18.

The entire place will be dressed in Sex Education theme with dedicated areas where you can give space to your creativity: funny photos, challenges and lots of enthusiasm. The inspiration for the pastry starts from one of the protagonists of the series Aimee. Participants in these two days will be able, with the collaboration of a cake designer, to take the opportunity to create their favorite cupcake. The customizations will be inspired by the messages of Body Positivity contained in this third season of Sex Education.

Cupcakes and more

The idea is to discover, thanks to the cupcakes that every body is beautiful and perfect in its imperfection. With the cake designer will model cakes crooked, small or large but all will be delicious. Every body can have something different, but be fine exactly as it is. The similarity is delicious.

Milan continues to welcome the third season of Sex Education also with some bikers that will offer free cupcakes to passers-by.

Patty Bakery & Bistrot that promotes the initiative of Sex Education Pop Up Bakery is located in Piazzale Cadorna, corner of Via Paleocapa. The entrance will be free, but all people will be asked for a greenpass in compliance with anticovid regulations.

Now let's get ready to watch the third season of Sex Education from today on Netflix.