Sexting lovers win, fishing is back among iOS emoji

Apple in the update of its operating system has reinstated the fishing emoji that had created debates and jokes for its resemblance to a butt

In life there are many debates still unresolved. The peace between Israel and Palestine, the agreements between Russia and the United States or world hunger. If you are thinking about these topics you are way off the mark. On the Net, one of the big topics is: why does the peach emoji on Apple look like a butt?

Apple's controversial peach

For a company with a bitten apple logo, it's almost a big deal to cause a stir over a peach. In the old versions of iOS, in fact, the emoji regarding this fruit made users smile because it reminded them of the shape of a butt. Apple didn't take it lightly, so much so that it even considered removing the peach from its emoji forever. And anyway, it had thought of an alternative design. The lovers of sexting, however, were disappointed. And they won, because in the new iOS 10.2 update, the peach emoji will be back with a shape that vaguely resembles that of a human butt.

What is sexting?

The term sexting, comes from the fusion of the English words sex (sex) and texting (sending electronic messages), is a neologism used to indicate the sending of sexually explicit messages, texts or images, mainly via smartphones or other computer media. Sin when we talk about emoji designed to make friends smile is a harmless topic, different when we talk about sending photos. There are numerous cases of teenagers, but also adults, who have had serious repercussions in real life for sending sexually explicit material through WhatsApp or other messaging platforms. By their own will or for having been victims of cyber bullying.