Sexy Lingo, YouPorn’s app to learn new languages

YouPorn's SexyLingo app lets you learn foreign languages to flirt with women and men abroad. Find out how it works

The YouPorn platform needs no introduction, but its new app certainly does and it could prove useful for several users. The free app is called Sexy Lingo and is designed to help people flirt in a foreign language. It could therefore be exploited during a trip abroad alone or with friends, but not only.

The Sexy Lingo app developed by the YouPorn team provides four learning levels, which are not based on increasing language skills, but on particular goals. For example, the "Starting a Conversation" category offers some perfect formulas for breaking the ice with a foreign woman or striking up a conversation with a man abroad. With this application, YouPorn wants to snatch its users from the virtual world and throw them into the real one, which is much more stimulating and intriguing. Here's how it works.

Learn new languages with Sexy Lingo: all about YouPorn's app

Sexy Lingo has an evocative name, which mimics Duolingo, one of the most famous apps for learning foreign languages.

YouPorn, however, puts its own spin on it and aims at targeted teaching: it allows people not only to improve their language level, but also to use the right formulas to impress and conquer a man or a woman from another country.

Charlie Hughes, vice president of YouPorn stated in a press release that the app was created with a specific purpose: "Communicating in another language, especially in a foreign country, can be difficult for many. Understanding the proper use of nouns to establish consent, but also knowing the phrases that may be offensive are common problems for users. Through step-by-step lessons, Sexy Lingo eliminates the language barrier and gives men and women the opportunity to level out language differences with interesting people they have met around the world."

How to Learn Languages with Your Smartphone and Sexy Lingo

Sexy Lingo is currently available in four languages: French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish, which can be selected from the official website when signing up.

After creating an account, you can choose from four learning categories: "The Basics", "Starting a Conversation", "Flirting" and "Intimate".

The Basics level is designed for those starting from scratch with the foreign language and includes three lessons in total: two focusing on nouns and pronouns; and one on designations. The Starting a Conversation category allows you to break the ice by learning about time and place, questions and compliments, adjectives and various activities. At this point the user is ready to take a step forward and follow the Flirting level, which includes a series of adjectives and compliments to give to the partner, but also a lesson dedicated to Planning. For example, you can learn a series of questions such as "Do you want to go with me to the best Japanese restaurant in town?"

The last level is called Intimate and includes several intimate exchanges of jokes, suitable for those who have passed the first levels of knowledge. In particular, it teaches the best formulas for getting the other half's explicit consent and a lesson designed to conduct a conversation in the bedroom, called Bedroom Talk.

YouPorn's Sexy Lingo app is completely free, and the platform promises that it always will be. To use it, all you have to do is sign up on the official website, entering your details. After logging in, you can immediately follow the lessons to learn the foreign language, and most importantly, put what you've learned into action.