Shazam news: now it also recognizes songs played in headphones

Shazam evolves and eliminates the need to have to listen to an external audio source. As of today, the Apple-owned app also recognizes music in headphones

If you could take a look at the apps downloaded to devices around the world, one of the most popular would definitely be Shazam. And don't be surprised: how many times have we listened to a song we wanted to know the title of and, unfortunately, we were left with the tune in our head without being able to know the author and name?

Shazam allows you to do just that. All you have to do is bring your device close to the source of the music: TV, radio, car radio, but also a live show where they play a song without announcing the title. After providing the title of the song, the app also lets you know the name of the album it's part of, share it with friends or even read the lyrics. Until recently, however, the music app couldn't recognize the songs played in the headphones.

Shazam: how to use it and what are the functions

To start using Shazam just launch the app and place the device near the audio source, which can be a radio, TV or even a concert. The app will start listening to the song and, if it recognizes it, will provide the title after a few seconds. Once detected, the user can listen to the song on other apps, such as Spotify or Deezer, or purchase it on services such as iTunes and the like. In addition, you can learn other details about the song such as the album it belongs to, the full lyrics or even similar tracks.

The app has many interesting features. For example, one of them is Auto Shazam, which keeps searching for the songs you have listened to even when you have exited the app or your phone is not in use. The recorded titles are saved automatically, and at the end of the day the user can consult them and listen to what inspires him most. The app publishes daily rankings that allow you to discover which are the most listened to titles of the moment. Finally, those who want to share the songs detected by Shazam with their friends and social contacts can do so thanks to the icons present in the app's interface. For example, you can share the song on Instagram or Twitter. As of a few days ago, there is a new feature that is bound to make subscribers even more satisfied.

Pop-up Shazam: the new feature that tells you what you are listening to in your headphones

The app has been introducing Pop-up Shazam for a few days now, which allows users to find out what song they are listening to in their headphones. This novelty comes after many requests from subscribers to the service. In fact, until now those who listened to a song in the earphones and wanted to know the title, had to disconnect them and activate the speaker or alternatively bring the device closer to the headphones.

Finally, from now on you can use Pop-up Shazam to connect your headphones to the app. To take advantage of the feature, you need to launch the app and access the Settings located in the top left corner. At this point, among the various options there will be My Shazam, which once activated will be able to listen to the music played by the headphones. This feature can be used both with wireless systems and wired headphones, and at the moment is only available for Android users, but it will surely be released soon for Apple devices as well.