SHFT IQ the wearable that acts as a coach to become real runners

This is a small wearable device that can be attached to a shoe or chest strap, and acts as a real virtual coach

Many of the apps designed for physical activity, and in particular for running, monitor our performance and set goals to be achieved. None, however, can accurately tell us where we're going wrong. That's why the Shft IQ wearable has arrived, a personal trainer just a smartphone away.

You're wondering how this virtual coach works? Simple, the wearable device connects via Bluetooth to our smartphone and advises us step by step with voice instructions on exercises to be performed. In addition, the assistant will also tell us when we are making mistakes during the workout. It is designed especially for running, it will help us to run longer avoiding physical problems due to excessive stress of a muscle or poor posture. The wearable has a small clip so it can be attached to a garment or shoe. But it's also sold with a chest strap so it won't bother us while running.

How Shft IQ Works

The app for Shft IQ works on both Android and iOS devices. The first time we use the wearable, we'll be prompted to take a test so that we can set our features and performance for future workouts. In addition, it will advise us on the speed to be adopted, the length of the stride and even the position of the feet on the ground. Worn on the shoe, the wearable provides very specific details, useful even for professional runners, such as the time spent in the air during the stride, the steps per minute, the adherence to the ground, the angle of contact of the sole of the foot with the ground, the efficiency of our movement and even the way in which to brake the run to avoid injury. Everything is personalized according to our physical characteristics.

Price and shipping

If the runner's advice disturbs our running, we can always deactivate it and ask for a full report after training. We can also set goals for time or distance to be reached in a given period. The app will set up a personalized program to help us reach the goal. The wearable is currently being launched on Kickstarter. According to the developers, the battery has an autonomy of about seven hours in use. At the moment the device costs about 55 euros, once the launch price is exhausted there will be a series of models, with small different features, which have a price ranging from 65 to 85 euros. Shipments will start in September, if the target is met.