Shooting stars in September, when and where to see them

The shooting star show doesn't end with the summer season. Shooting stars in September, when and where to see them.

In July we were given the opportunity to observe two meteor showers in one priceless spectacle. The event occurred in July and was also visible from the northern hemisphere. September, however, despite marking the end of summer, will still find fans with their noses turned upward. Even the ninth month of the year, in fact, will reserve for the most romantic a couple of days during which to observe the spectacle of shooting stars.

When to see shooting stars in September: the dates

First of all there is the advantage of shorter days, which announce the arrival of autumn. It will get dark earlier and it will be easier, because there will be more time, to observe shooting stars. The show will be at its maximum between August and September, even in Italy, when the Aurigidi will be active. Between 5 and 7 September will be visible from Earth the swarm of epsilon Perseids. Around 9 of the same month will be observable the Perseids of September, between 11 and 12 the alpha Triangulids.

To have some more useful element to orient themselves and understand what time to lie down in a semi-dark park, pointing their eyes to the sky, it is good to know that the Autumn Equinox is scheduled for September 22: at this point the days will already be shortened up to 1 hour and 21 minutes. Just on September 22, the sun will set at 19.09.

What exactly are those that we call shooting stars

But what are shooting stars? To be precise, they are not stars - hence a misnomer - but swarms of space debris. Wandering in space, they come into contact with the atmosphere of the Earth, overheating and, finally, burning, just when they cross the gases that form the immaterial substance of the orbit of our planet. Thus occur those magnificent light trails visible by those who can enjoy a good point of observation and that in the tradition are associated with the act of making a wish.

A more detailed explanation of what they are, exactly, shooting stars. Although it is a spectacle that we left behind, it could also be useful, perhaps for next year, a deepening on what are the Capricornidi some of the most striking among the shooting stars that enrich the sky on hot summer nights.

Giuseppe Giordano