Sic: when comes the documentary on Marco Simoncelli

Motorcycle champion Marco Simoncelli died 10 years ago during a race and now Sky dedicates a docu-film to him: when comes Sic

Marco Simoncelli was a promise of Italian motorcycling, who lost his life on October 23, 2011 during a race on the track. Now the director Alice Filippi brings Sic to the cinema: a docu-film to retrace through interviews and testimonies the life and remember the motorcycling champion.

The documentary is by Sky Original was produced by Sky, Fremantle Italy and Mowe and to remember the champion Sic 10 years after his death will be distributed to the cinema as an event release by Nexo Digital next December. The docu-film alternates between memories of friends and rivals of Sic, this is the nickname of Simoncelli on the track, which build an intense and emotional portrait of this promising champion who died at only 24 years old in a tragic accident on the circuit of Sepang, Malaysia, during a World Championship.

Sic: the docu-film about Marco Simoncelli

On October 23, 2011, Italian motorcyclist Marco Simoncelli, nicknamed Sic, was on the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. Only 3 years before, in 2008, he had won the World Championship on that circuit, pursuing his dream riding a motorcycle. Then the accident and the terrible fall and for Marco there was nothing to do: the young promise is dead.

At 10 years after his death, the director Filippi has written together with Vanessa Picciarelli and Francesco Scarrone a docu-film to remember Sic. The documentary is produced by Gabriele Immirzi and Ettore Paternò for Fremantle, Roberta Trovato for Mowe and Roberto Pisoni for Sky.

In the docu-film Sic's life is reconstructed through interviews and unpublished testimonies, film reconstructions, and the memories of his friends and rivals. The result is an intense and emotional portrait of a champion who died too soon and who ran fast after his dream.

Sic: when to see the docu-film on Simoncelli

The Sic docu-film will arrive in cinemas as an event release next December 28 and 29. Only two dates to relive the story of the young champion Marco Simoncelli.

Sic has been realized thanks to the contribution of Regione Emilia-Romagna and the support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission. Moreover, it will be distributed to cinemas in collaboration with media partner Radio Deejay.