Simplicity, speed, total freedom … that’s myPOS Glass

Any additional expense, such as the purchase of a payment device, can be a significant economic commitment for a small business. At the same time, not accepting credit and debit cards can lead to lost customers and fewer sales. Which solution can meet all needs? We tested myPOS Glass for you.

A Capterra survey, conducted in 2020, (Source: Capterra - wanted to understand the perceptions and opinions of consumers in 6 European countries - France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands - to find out what they thought about contactless payments.

What emerges is that the Italian one can be defined as a "contactless and cashless society".

Italy, based on this survey, ranks above the European average of respondents for the use of digital wallets.

This particular predisposition has certainly undergone a strong acceleration following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed not only the way we live and work, but also our shopping habits.

E-commerce, for example, has experienced exponential growth between 2020 and 2021, and more and more Italians think that contactless payments will become more and more part of everyday life.

Buoyed by these data, the sensitivity and attention that myPOS has always paid to the needs of consumers and the satisfaction of their requirements (to learn more about myPOS, click here to read our interview with the Country Manager, Massimo Terreni), pushes one of the most innovative European fintechs in the field of payments to constantly renew its portfolio of solutions, responding promptly to the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises, the beating heart of economies, especially in Italy.

From the myPOS world, we tested the last solution, in chronological order, proposed on the market, myPOS Glass, which was born from the collaboration of myPOS with Visa.

What is myPOS Glass

Visa, the leading network in digital payments, has made "Tap-To-Phone" technology available to myPOS, transforming the current generation of Android smartphones or tablets into softPOS (software-based point of sale) contactless or tap-to-pay terminals, without the need for additional hardware devices.

From this important partnership and the sharing of this technology comes the myPOS Glass app, a SoftPOS, which allows you to accept payments on your smartphone, via cards, mobile wallets and wearable devices, turning an Android smartphone, which supports a near-field-communication reader (NFC), into a POS terminal.

myPOS Glass works with a wide range of Android smartphones version 8.1 and higher.

On the myPOS website you can check if your Android phone is compatible. L’elenco potrebbe non essere completo, ma sicuramente è molto esaustivo.

mypos-glass_1200x630_first-1.jpgFonte foto: myPOS

Cosa fare per avere myPOS Glass

La soluzione myPOS Glass, in particolare, nasce per soddisfare, prima di tutto, le esigenze di professionisti, lavoratori autonomi, corrieri, di chi opera all’interno di mercati stagionali e per tutte quelle realtà imprenditoriali in movimento, che necessitano di avere sempre a disposizione un POS, in piena libertà, senza la necessità di avere a portata di mano dongle, cavi o accessori hardware.

Basta scaricare l’app, attraverso Google Play o HUAWEI AppGallery, e procedere con le operazioni di registrazione. Tutto molto semplice ed intuitivo, a cominciare dall’invio del documento di identità. No scanning, just a simple photo captured by the app.

To ensure the proper functioning of the myPOS Glass app, when you sign up, the app itself will ask you to enable access to three sets of data:

"Photos, media & files" and "Manage and make phone calls", for accurate account identification and verification, especially if you don't have a myPOS account yet.

"Device localization", for proper payment processing. The myPOS service is bound and licensed within the EEA (European Economic Area) and it is the responsibility of myPOS to ensure that the device and the scope of business operations fall within the EEA boundaries.

All of this onboarding and of course transaction processing takes place in total security.

No particular data that falls under GDPR regulations is stored on the smartphone.

All data is placed in TIER 4 data centers located in Class A jurisdictions in Europe, following PCI DSS security controls.

All the necessary certifications are monitored and audited by external bodies, while all the financial part is supervised by the competent bodies at regular intervals with audits that take place several times a year.

The App's functionalities have been illustrated in a video review by Rudy Bandiera, writer, popularizer and TEDx speaker on his social channels.

Some interesting details

It is important to know that there are no limits regarding the amount of payments that can be accepted. If the amount of the transaction is higher than the contactless payment limit, the customer can simply enter his PIN for myPOS Glass to accept and process the payment.

Through the QR code functionality it is also possible to accept payments with AMEX, Union Pay, Bancontact, JCB, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How? To generate a QR code, simply type in the payment amount, tap the QR code feature on your smartphone and, once generated, it can be scanned by the Customer.

The Customer will, then, be directed to a secure page to complete the payment. Once completed, the payment will be credited immediately to the merchant's account.

And if the customer does not have a contactless credit card

Simply enter the amount and generate a QR code that the customer must scan with the phone. He will then be taken to a secure online payment page where, by entering the card details, he will be able to complete the payment.

Once the transaction is complete, the money will be immediately credited to the merchant's account and will be visible in the myPOS Glass app.

It is also possible to accept online payments

You will need to generate a payment request from the "More" menu of the app and send the link via email, chat or SMS to the Customer, who will be directed to a payment page to complete the transaction.

After each payment the Customer will receive an electronic receipt in the mode of his choice: either by e-mail or by SMS.

The funds, i.e. the amount of the transactions, are available after a few seconds.One of the most interesting and competitive functions offered by myPOS is the instant settlement of funds.

This is very simple if you have a myPOS account.

The myPOS account

The myPOS account is a business account with IBAN offered to myPOS merchants in the EEA. It is one of the free value-added offers that merchants can take advantage of along with the free funds settlement offered by myPOS. In addition, as a myPOS merchant, you will also get a free standard business card with which to use your funds and you can also take advantage of the prestigious and luxurious Platinum series of Silver, Gold and Metal business cards from myPOS.

But the reasons to choose myPOS Glass are not finished.


You only pay small fees on transactions. You pay only when you are paid!

With the STARTER option you have no commitment, no fixed costs and you can cancel everything at any time.

If you use debit and credit cards for private use issued in the EEA (European Economic Area) you will have a percentage of each transaction to be paid to myPOS equal to 1.70% plus € 0.05. In the case of commercial debit and credit cards, also issued in the European Economic Area, we will have a percentage on transactions equal to 3.05% plus €0.05. While in the case of debit and credit cards, whether for private or commercial use, but issued outside the EEA, the percentage recognized to myPOS is 3.35% plus €0.05.

Differently, the PRO option is designed for companies with high volumes of transactions. In this case we will have the first month of use of myPOS Glass for free. For the months following the first month, the fixed monthly cost is €4.90 plus the percentage on transactions, which will be equal to 1.20% plus €0.05 for debit and credit cards for private use, issued in the European Economic Area. For the use of commercial debit and credit cards, also issued in the EEA, the percentage is equal to 2.55% plus €0.05. While for debit and credit cards, whether commercial or for private use, but issued outside the European Economic Area, the percentage will be 2.85% plus €0.05.

Customer support

Another important aspect when choosing solutions to support your business is the efficiency of customer service.

The presence on the territory represents a further guarantee of responsibility towards all the merchants that every day choose to use myPOS.

The objective of myPOS, for 2022, is to expand the network of myPOS salesmen and sales points on the whole national territory in order to offer an even more widespread presence.