Skam 5: filming begins

First clapperboard for the popular Italian teen drama. Netflix announces the start of filming, two new additions to the cast and when we'll see the series. Here are the details

After several announcements and months of waiting, the filming of the fifth season of Skam has finally begun. It was announced by Netflix through a press release. The news has caused the enthusiasm of the public. After all, it is considered one of the most important Italian productions of the last years.

It was the insistence of the fans that convinced Netflix to produce another season, although it was not initially planned. Skam belongs to the teen drama genre and tells the story of a group of boys and girls who attend a high school in the heart of Rome. It is a remake of the Norwegian show of the same name, which has also been filmed in other countries around the world. Each season features one of the characters from the group as the main character. The first season had at the center of the plot the story of Eva, the second season the story of Martino, in the third and fourth season the story of Eleonora and Sana. There are still many doubts about the possible protagonist of the fifth season. One thing is certain: there will be no shortage of news, starting with two new additions to the cast.

Cast of Skam 5: who's joining the cast

The fifth season of Skam is just around the corner, as announced by Netflix. Produced by Cross Productions, the show is directed by Tiziano Russo. The historical director, Ludovico Bessegato becomes one of the producers, along with Alice Urciuolo.

The cast is the same as always, strong and established. The main group is always composed by Beatrice Bruschi (Sana), Francesco Centorame (Elia), Giancarlo Commare (Edoardo), Rocco Fasano (Niccolò), Federico Cesari (Martino), Nicholas Zerbini (Luchino), Martina Lelio (Federica), Ludovica Martino (Eva), Ibrahim Keshk (Rami), Mehdi Meskar (Malik), Greta Ragusa (Silvia), Ludovico Tersigni (Giovanni) and Pietro Turano (FIlippo).

The historic cast will be joined by two new talents: Lea Gavino, who plays Viola, and Nicole Rossi, who will instead take on the role of Asia. To celebrate their return, the actors of the TV series in these days have released funny clues on their social channels: each of them has posted a letter up to compose the word SKAM.

As for the plot, everything is still top secret. According to some hypotheses, the protagonist could be Silvia, a character who has had an interesting evolution in the course of the series and would have a lot to tell. The same goes for Elia, who in the last season has gained an important space in the narrative. To better understand how the events will evolve we must wait for the new episodes.

When Skam 5 comes out

The filming officially began on November 24, 2021 and the release of the next season will be in 2022. No official date is known yet, but everyone is working to make it happen as soon as possible. The new episodes will be available on Netflix, where you can catch up on the older seasons.