Skam Italia 5: when the new season arrives on Netflix

The fifth season of Skam is coming to Italy: the official confirmation comes from Netflix with an announcement on Instagram


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In 2022 comes the confirmation of the programming of the long-awaited fifth season of Skam Italia on Netflix. The series about the life of teenagers in Rome was created in 2018 by Ludovico Bessegato, who was also the director of the first, second and fourth seasons. Cross Production will again be the producer of the new chapter of the all-Italian remake of the Norwegian series of the same name.

This gripping series of the teen drama genre consists of episodes of about 25 minutes and has already reached 42 episodes. It is a very topical series that tells the story of a group of teenagers studying at J.F. Kennedy High School in Rome. Friends and girlfriends live their lives together, facing the more or less complex problems of that age. Sex, love and friendship are the bases of this television series that leave room for themes such as violence, religion and discrimination. A series that in terms of themes and topics proves to be extremely topical and that will be available for streaming on Netflix Italy.

A character for each season for Skam Italia

One of the features that the countless fans of Skam Italia like so much is that each season of this successful series has been dedicated to a character. The first one featured Eva and her controversial relationship with Giovanni that will begin in the first, but will end at the end of the fourth season.

Martino's coming out and his relationship with Niccolò is central to the second installment of the series airing on Netflix Italy. We then have, by Ludovico Di Martino who directs the third season, Eleonora who falls madly in love with Edoardo, a boy with a complicated and difficult past, which will eventually unite them for good after a flirtation of his with her friend Sofia.

Skam Italia 4  has as its protagonists Sana and Malik and the central theme is religion. Sana, an Italian and practicing Muslim, according to her beliefs should only hang out with Islamic believers, but Malik does not follow the tenets of Islam. During the journey of maturity Sana will face a deep inner crisis, which will result in an even stronger reunion with herself and her faith.

Hypothesis about the plot of Skam Italia 5

It will be a while before we see the new series of Skam Italia. We left them celebrating maturity at the beach. There are several hypotheses about the plot of Skam Italia 5 and about what the new episodes will tell in 2022.

Ludovico Bessegato had made it clear that, despite the fact that there were still many stories to develop, in the adolescence of one or more characters, he would probably choose another path. That of growing up, post maturity and arriving at university. Life is beautiful and fascinating at 16, but making the characters grow also expands the target audience.

A crucial point is whether Skam Italia 5 will have one or more protagonists. The second alternative may be the one that is being pursued.